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Your Words Matter: Writing Your Way to More Impact

Your Words Matter: Writing Your Way to More Impact

As a business owner, I write every single day. In fact, I don’t know any business owner, entrepreneur, or thought leader who does not write something, at some point, almost every day.

Raise your hand if you are have recently worked on any of the following:  

  • Emails to your audience
  • Landing page copy
  • Social media posts
  • Messages to current and potential clients
  • Notes to yourself or your team

The list goes on! Yet, most of us would not call ourselves a writer. 

And, that’s a problem. Let me explain! 

If you are anything like the amazing women I work with, you are here to leave a legacy. As a powerful and empowering woman, you have a deep desire to create a lasting impact that will be felt long after you are gone. One of the most powerful ways you already are and can continue to leave a lasting impact is through your words. Yet, historically, the voices in the world of business – the articles, the books, the podcasts, the leaders – have been predominantly pale and male. 

So, as a female in business, you have had little to no other model for sharing your voice, writing your messages, or connecting with your audience other than those of men. When we combine our lack of identity as writers with the models for writing in business coming from people that often don’t sound and/or look like us, it’s easy to see how we might feel stuck and unsure of ourselves when we plan our social media posts for the week. When we as women don’t recognize, claim, and share our powerful voices through the simple act of writing, we are blocking the impact we long to create. 

Here are three embodied mindset shifts to begin creating a deeper impact and build a legacy with your words. 

3 Embodied Mindset Shifts for Lasting Legacy

Embodied Shift #1: Share your authentic voice

Writing in your authentic voice is an essential approach to help you create a lasting impact on the world. For me as an entrepreneur, and someone who coaches others on writing, I often see a disconnect between someone’s natural voice and how they write for their website or social media posts, for example. Business owners, especially women, often feel they need to change the way they would naturally speak or write in order to “perform” or sound like someone they think their audience would like to hear from. Here’s the secret: your aligned audience, your ideal client, they want the fabulous, authentic, amazing version of you. They want to hear your genuine voice when they read your next newsletter or blog. 

They want to feel like they are sitting next to you, like they are getting to know the real you, so they can make a discerning decision on whether to work with you or not. What are some special terms or phrases you like to say or have been pillars in your business process? What are some fun words that people say from where you live? Don’t be afraid to add these personal touches, your unique way of phrasing something, to the messages you are putting out in the world. 

Embodied Shift #2: There is no one right way to write

There is no right way to write, so stop trying. When we are taught writing from a sense of “one right way” or that some writing is “good” and some writing is “bad,” writing is being used as an act of oppression. There, I said it. [insert deep exhale].

I am passionate about making sure every entrepreneur is connected to and writes from their heart. It may feel like a risk because it may go against some of the bro-marketing strategies we’ve been taught about potentially toxic ways to attract a client or get a sale, like “write about clients’ pain points” or “keep it short and sweet.” For many heart-centered, mission-driven female entrepreneurs, these tactics may feel unaligned, even sleazy, which is not how you want to feel when you are trying to write messages that genuinely connect with your audience.

When we find a sense of play in our messaging, freedom shows up. Knowing there is no right or wrong way to share your message, what “shoulds” would you love to let go of in your next marketing message to your audience? 

Embodied Shift #3: Your words matter 

I want you to know that you have everything you need to create powerful writing that connects with people in ways that will make them excited to work with you! So, if there is no right or wrong way to write, and you actually embraced your authentic voice, what would you love to say? What do you wish everyone you came into contact with knew or understood? What would you love your audience to feel after reading your next email or visiting your website? 

Whatever is showing up, I want you to wave the biggest permission wand for yourself, and write those words, share that message. Someone is hoping for some inspiration to help them take their next powerful steps, so what if you have just the words they need right now? It is when we embody our authentic voice and let go of how we think we are supposed to write in our business that we find our aligned and ideal clients, which helps us create a bigger impact.

Writing for Impact 

We all have important messages to share with the world, and I don’t want anything to hold you back from writing those messages and speaking your truth. So, remember: 

  1. Share your authentic voice, 
  2. There is no right way to write, and 
  3. Your words matter. 

Write these down somewhere you can look at them over and over. Close your eyes and repeat them to yourself as a way to shift the narrative you may have had about your writing up until now. Notice where that little burning feeling of excitement and passion lives in your body as you remember these mindset shifts. This is the powerful, authentic part of you that will fuel your writing flame. Write on! 

About the Author

Women Thrive Magazine Article Author - Shana Hartman

Name: Shana Hartman

Professional Title: Embodied Writing Coach

Bio: Shana is a former university English professor turned embodied writing coach. As the Founder and CEO of Synergy Wellness Group LLC, she envisions a world where all voices are heard and all experiences are valued. Shana believes writing is a pathway to connecting with Self and honoring our experiences. Her company’s work encourages the sharing of our voices with the world because she believes it promotes community connections and collective healing. 

As an ICF trained and BodyMind Method© certified coach, Shana supports folks in connecting with their inner truth and writing from that place. She helps heart-centered professionals and thought leaders share the core messages from their life and career experiences in powerful books by using an embodied writing approach, allowing people to leave a legacy with their transformative words.


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Media platform spotlighting and celebrating entrepreneurial women and their achievements. Creating a platform where every woman can be seen and heard. We are disrupting the media industry by democratising media channels for women. If you have a business or an idea and you would like to rise and thrive, you are in the right place.

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