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Why Your New Years Resolution to “Get Fit” is the Reason You’re NOT Fit

Why Your New Years Resolution to “Get Fit” is the Reason You’re NOT Fit

Rethinking Your New Year’s Resolution: The Truth Behind Fitness Goals

New year, new you – right? This year you’re finally going to “get fit”, be healthier, work out more, and lose that weight you’ve wanted to lose for the last 5 years. This year you promise yourself that you’re going to make the time for it because you hate the way you feel and something needs to change. 

You decide that the best way to hit your goal is by sweating profusely in the gym 5x a week or cutting out all the food and drinks that you love (like cheese and wine).  I mean, that is what all the fit women do – isn’t it?

I don’t blame you for thinking this is the best way, because this is what the world is projecting at you through social media and what you’ve been led to believe. It’s wasn’t until I realized that I made the same New Year’s resolution year after year and still felt unhappy, unhealthy, and quite frankly tired of complaining about it, that I had to take a different approach.

So now what – if I’m telling you not to exercise excessively or be on a diet – how in hell are you expected to get fit?

It’s time to take a different approach. But before I get into that, let’s talk about why adding more to your plate with a New Year’s resolution is actually sabotaging you.

The Real Reason You Don’t Feel Healthy

This is simple: you’re already busy, strapped for time, overworked, overwhelmed, and over the fact that you are making another New Year’s resolution centered around your health. 

I’m uncertain now how I thought it was a brilliant idea to add MORE things to my already overflowing plate. I believe it’s because I was seeing everyone around me doing more, and I felt the need to show them that I can do it too.

When in reality, doing more only caused excessive stress on me (mentally, physically, and emotionally), and as a result, I lost motivation to do anything. And there I was again, giving up on my resolutions by the end of January because I simply couldn’t keep up.

How defeating that was. I wanted to feel healthy so bad. I wanted to fit back into my “skinny” clothes so badly. But I felt like a complete failure for not being able to stick with the plan and hit my goals – ever.

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to do more physically right now to hit your wellness goals. What you need to do is start focusing on what happening in your mind, specifically your thoughts, because it’s those thoughts that are holding you back from feeling like the healthy woman you are (right now).

Want A Magic Pill To Solve Your Problems?

I can’t be alone here. We all want a quick fix, a magic weight-loss pill that will take away all our worries (and fat). But this is not reality, nor would it be sustainable! Your magic pill is your mind and you have the power to redefine what being and feeling healthy means to you. This one thing will transform your health and wellness journey starting now.

Take a moment and reflect on these questions: 

  • What does a healthier version of you think about? 
  • How does a healthier version of you feel?
  • What does a healthier version of you do?

The word “healthy” means something different to everyone and it’s important for you to connect with what it means to you (and only you – not someone else’s version of healthy). This is key. 

You see, when I started to focus on what was happening in my mind, I realized something: I was in full control of my thoughts and when I focused on good thoughts, I started to feel better. The more I chased the feelings that I wanted, the easier it became to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

The types of thoughts that a healthier version of me would think:

  • I’m going to make sure I drink enough water
  • I’m going to improve my sleep routine so I get a better rest 
  • I’m going to nourish my body with real whole foods
  • I’m going to take time to do the things I love to do each day (ie. Walking in nature)

When those thoughts are running through my mind, I feel energized, in control, confident, empowered, active and happy.

When I started to feel those incredible feelings, I almost naturally took actions that aligned to my thoughts. I made sure each day I was drinking more water, I read before bed instead of being on my phone, I cooked nutritious meals at home, and I spent time each day outside in nature. 

This is what healthy is for me. I absolutely love doing all those things and it’s so easy for me to do them because they genuinely bring me joy. This same feeling of joy and happiness is possible for you too.

Skip The Diet This Year And Try This

This year I challenge you to try something new. It’s time to start doing less of what is no longer serving you, so you can make more space and time for the things that do. I like to call this the anti-resolution because you start saying “no” to all those things that you know are draining your energy, instead of adding more to your plate.

It’s really this simple. You’re already a busy woman, so make your life easier, and do less. This is going to be a transformative experience for you because you will see that when you have more time and energy to do what you love to do, you’re going to feel better immediately, and you’re going to want to do more of it.

Women always ask me “Jane how have you been able to stay healthy all these years and you make it look so easy” I tell them, that health is a feeling, and if you focus on doing things that make you feel good, you won’t want to stop. And voila, that’s how you maintain your health in 2024.

My Journey Toward a Healthier, Happier Life

I feel blessed for my upbringing – loving, supportive, and hard-working parents that instilled in us the importance of independence and individuality. I am one of four kids, each of us very different from the other and my parents encouraged our creativity and wanted us to do the things we loved to do. 

As I reflect back on my life, I always had a lot of energy. I was the kid who was up early, outside, rollerblading, riding my bike, playing sports, until I was told I had to come in for supper, which I would eat as quickly as possible, so I could go back outside to play with my friends. 

New Year's Resolution

My parents always made us homecooked meals and supper time was family time – no tv, no radio – a time for us to talk about our day together. This is probably why sharing food with people now is so meaningful to me, as I had this my whole childhood. My family was not the active or sporty type, and I recall many family members being on diets, doing weight-loss programs and this was a hot a topic of discussion. This was also the 80s and 90s so that can be expected in most households.

As I grew up, I had my own challenges with my weight and body image, although after I turned 16, hit puberty, grew three-inches, and lost all my baby fat, I was suddenly the “skinny one” in the family. But this didn’t mean I didn’t have my own self-image issues and body dysmorphia.

I actually started my interest (aka obsession) with fitness when I was in grade 10 and my older sister was in grade 12. She was going to Daytona Beach and wanted to get “beach ready” so she got me to do Tae Bo videos with her in preparation. If anyone has done a Billy Blanks video, you know how fun and challenging they can be! Even after my sister left on her trip, I kept doing the videos everyday, as I loved how sweaty and good I felt afterwards. I would also run on our treadmill, if full sweatpants and sweatshirt, because I believed the more my body sweat the better it was, the skinner I would be.

My obsession with working out continued well into my 20s, being a member at local gyms, working out 7 days a week, trying every class under the sun. I also loved a challenge and experimented with many diet programs in hopes that abs would magically appear – but they never did because my drinking habits wouldn’t allow it. 

I was also starting to build a career in project management, I was a big dreamer, I had high expectations of myself, I knew I would have my own business and I would be my own boss. In the meantime, I thrived off hustle and grind. The harder I worked, the more I showed my bosses how valuable I was…. But as a result, I was stressed, tired, overwhelmed, unhappy and unhealthy. I was not prioritizing my own needs, but putting everyone else ahead of me, and my mental and physical health was suffering.

As I reflect back on this time in my life, I can easily see that I was constantly looking for external validation to make me feel better about myself. I was always seeking a better job title, more money, more vacations, a better relationship. Did I get that? Yes of course, I’ll get anything I put my mind to, but I was constantly left feeling unfulfilled.

When I was 29, I decided that something had to change, so I quit my job, sold all my belongings, and travelled around the world. No plan, no timeline, just pure freedom. Interesting that at that time I continued to try to “escape” my life and find happiness in a new country, with new people, doing a new job and new things. Can you tell I thrive off change? It’s a fact. 

Something happened during the 2.5 years that I was abroad – I realized that what I once valued in my 20s (hustle, grind, long hours) was no longer what I valued in my early 30s. I started to think about the things I loved to do and how they made me feel. I discovered that I actually value freedom, happiness, well-being (mind, body, soul), adventure, and independence. I wanted to feel calm, in flow, mindful, and energized.

I then had a choice, I could continue to do things that didn’t align to my newly identified core values, or choose to better align my daily life decisions with them. This is when my whole life changed and I finally started to feel a sense of happiness and fulfillment in my everyday.

It’s really this simple: I make time every single day (even just 5 minutes) I do what makes ME feel good. I don’t care about what makes my best friend, mom, sister, feel good – I am my #1 priority and must keep my focus there.

The good news is, you don’t need to quit your job and travel the world to find happiness.

This is because happiness comes from within. It’s something that only you can feel and create for yourself. And the best part is, you have the power to start feeling happier right now. Start by reconnecting with your core values and what brings you the most joy. This is how it all begins, with a positive thought, which creates positive feelings inside you, which will then encourage you to take action that aligns to that.

The mind is a magical thing and you have a choice every day to choose your own happiness or keep living with that empty feeling. This is why I’m so passionate about helping women understand the power of their mind, so that they can unlock their happiness from within, and start feeling healthier, happier, and more fulfilled. 

Shifting your mindset around your health and happiness has to start from the inside – it may feel like it’ll take more time to get the “results” that you want – and in the end, I promise you, that if you put in the daily work, everything will work out better than you could have ever imagined. I am living proof of what is possible for you. 

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New Year's Resolution

Name: Jane Wareham

Professional Title:  Life Coach & Mindset Expert

Bio: Jane Wareham is an empowering mindset coach, transformational speaker, and certified life coach dedicated to helping individuals unlock the extraordinary power of their minds and realize that a happy life is possible for them. With unwavering passion and profound purpose, Jane is committed to empowering others to become confident, energized, and authentically happy versions of themselves, enabling them to live truly fulfilling lives.


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