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Using Breathwork to Heal Dis-Ease

Using Breathwork to Heal Dis-Ease

In our fast-paced world, the prevalence of “dis-ease”— the lack of ease or balance within our bodies and minds—signals a critical alert. This term captures the essence of a state where stress, anxiety, and daily pressures disrupt our internal equilibrium, leading to a cascade of health issues. Amidst various therapeutic practices, 9D Breathwork emerges as a beacon of ancient wisdom redefined for modern healing

Understanding Dis-Ease through My Story: A Deeper Dive

My journey from dis-ease is a testament to resilience amid adversity, beginning with a childhood marked by abuse, bullying, and violence—experiences so normalised in my life, I didn’t recognise them as abnormal until their consequences surfaced in adulthood. Adulthood itself brought significant challenges: sexual abuse, divorce, bankruptcy, a failed business, and the devastating loss of my 4-year-old son Cameron to cancer, each compounding my early traumas. Coming out as gay added another layer of complexity, requiring a deep courage to embrace my true identity against societal judgments and internal conflicts.

Parallel to these personal struggles was my 28-year career as a police officer, which kept me in a constant “fight or flight” state, exacerbating my sense of dis-ease. It was during this time that my accumulated traumas manifested as stomach and digestion issues, symptoms so intense they often mimicked a heart attack. Despite countless medical interventions, the root cause—my unresolved trauma—remained unaddressed, casting a shadow over my life and highlighting the intertwined nature of my emotional, psychological, and physical struggles.

Taking Responsibility for Healing

It was only when I faced the totality of my experiences—acknowledging how they had caused a profound state of dis-ease—that I began to take responsibility for my own health and well-being. This pivotal moment led me to radically alter what I put into my body, mind, environment, and energy. I sought out practices that promised healing and balance, but it was the discovery of 9D Breathwork that marked the beginning of true transformation.

Healing Through 9D Breathwork

9D Breathwork, with its multidimensional approach to healing, addressed the dis-ease at its very root. This practice integrates ancient breathing techniques with contemporary insights into psychology and physiology, offering a path to realign our physical, emotional, and energetic systems.

The practice involved engaging with breath in a conscious, intentional manner, learning to navigate through various breathing exercises tailored to induce specific therapeutic effects. From deep diaphragmatic breathing to rapid oxygenation breaths and prolonged exhalation, each technique was designed to stimulate different aspects of my being, offering profound and far-reaching benefits.

The Science Behind the Transformation

Breathwork operates on the principle that controlled breathing can significantly alter our physiological and psychological states. For me, altering my breath patterns helped transition from a chronic state of stress to one of relaxation. This not only alleviated the immediate feelings of stress but also initiated a deeper healing process, improving my immune function and enhancing mental clarity and emotional stability.

A New Path to Wellness

The path to healing from dis-ease through a breathwork practice was an intensely personal and transformative journey for me. It demanded patience, dedication, and a deep willingness to explore the innermost depths of my being. I had adopted a daily breathwork practice a few years ago but it was the moment I embarked on my first 9D Breathwork session that marked a pivotal turning point. I approached this experience with an openness to relinquish control, eager to explore a profound aspect of breathwork that was entirely new to me.

During this initial session, I was immersed in an environment enhanced by a surround sound headset that emitted binaural beats, 432Hz music, hypnosis narratives, vocal coaching, solfeggio frequencies, and subliminal messages. This multi-sensory experience was unlike anything I had encountered before. Throughout the session, I found myself crying, shaking, screaming—releasing emotions in a raw and unfiltered manner. It was a powerful release, a cathartic liberation from years of pain and suffering. This session was the first time I truly allowed myself to let go completely, facilitating a profound emotional and physical release.

Perhaps the most transformative aspect of my journey was the immediate shift I felt after that initial 9D Breathwork session. For the first time ever, I truly understood what it meant to regulate my nervous system effectively. The session facilitated the release of all the stored emotions, traumas, and blocks that had imprisoned me for so long. It was a revelation, an awakening to the possibility of living free from the constraints that had once defined my existence.

Addressing and healing disease within the body goes beyond mere symptom management; it involves restoring balance and harmony at the deepest levels of our being. Diseases, whether physical or emotional in nature, often have their roots in unresolved trauma and chronic stress, leading to imbalances that manifest as illness. My journey illuminates the profound efficacy of 9D Breathwork in tackling these root causes, offering a pathway to not just manage but truly heal disease. This practice, by regulating the nervous system and releasing stored trauma, can recalibrate your body’s innate healing capabilities. I invite you to discover how I can guide you through this transformative process. Together, we can journey towards not only alleviating symptoms but achieving a state of wellness where disease is no longer a prevailing narrative. Let’s connect and start your journey towards a life characterised by health, balance, and vitality, leaving the shadows of disease behind.

About the Author

Women Thrive Magazine Article Author - Kay McCready

Name: Kay McCready

Professional Title: Emotional Resilience Expert, Trauma Practitioner, 9D Breathwork Facilitator, Founder of Kay McCready Coaching, and Co-Founder of BEAT Global Academy Ltd.

Bio:  Kay McCready is a highly-skilled Emotional Resilience Expert, Trauma Practitioner, and 9D Breathwork facilitator. As the founder of Kay McCready Coaching and Co-Founder of BEAT Global Academy Ltd., she’s created a transformative platform dedicated to empowering women who’ve weathered life’s storms, faced trauma, and navigated adversity. With a deep-seated passion for uplifting individuals, Kay guides them in acknowledging, understanding, and processing their emotions. This journey not only reignites their inner spark but also sets them on a path to a life filled with emotional balance, fulfilment, and genuine liberation.


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