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Unlock Your Business Magic: Embrace Your Inner Success Matrix Archetype

Unlock Your Business Magic: Embrace Your Inner Success Archetype

Hello, ambitious women and mumpreneurs! I’m Poli Sevcikova, and I’ve been on a journey just like yours – balancing the joys of motherhood with the passion of building a successful business. Over the last decade, I’ve built five companies, navigated through burnout, and guided thousands of women in creating balanced, fulfilling businesses. My path has taught me a valuable lesson: your business is an entity that reflects your inner self. It’s not just about strategies; it’s about aligning your soul with your work. That’s why I created the Success Matrix archetypes, a tool to harmonize your personal strengths with your business vision.

Business as a Living Entity

Imagine your business as a living entity, one that grows and evolves with you. This concept isn’t just a philosophy; it’s a practical approach to business. My journey in channeling the Success Matrix archetypes was fueled by the realization that our businesses require a harmonious blend of our inner world and external actions.

Channeling the Success Matrix Archetypes

The creation of these archetypes was more than an intellectual exercise; it was a spiritual and introspective journey. It began with the understanding that for a business to be truly successful, it must be truly ours. The truth is that these days we can build our business in a million ways, so how can we decide which one is the ideal one for us? And in this moment, the Archetypes came. Each archetype emerged as a voice from within, offering guidance and insight for our entrepreneurial endeavors, to see, what benefits every one of us in our unique way.

Your Archetype in Business

Let’s explore these archetypes. But never forget, you are a unique combination of them, just let them speak to you:

  • Luxury Queen: You embody excellence, bringing a standard of quality to every aspect of your business.
  • Adventurer: Bold and innovative, you’re always ready for new ventures and uncharted territories.
  • Nature Spirit: With a focus on authenticity, you foster organic growth in your business.
  • Lazy Rebel: You redefine work by blending creativity with efficiency.
  • Growth Hack Genius: A master of opportunity, you excel in scaling your business creatively.
  • Fun Workaholic: You balance deep passion for work with the joys of life.
  • Future Builder: Visionary and impactful, you create projects with lasting community value.
  • Fame Diva: An inspirational leader, you use your influence to motivate and guide.

Energy and Strategy Combo: The Growth Catalysts

In my approach, I emphasize the synergy of energy and strategy. This blend is not just about working harder but smarter. It’s about tapping into your intuition and combining it with strategic actions to create immense growth. This approach has transformed my business and has been a cornerstone in guiding others. Your energy, when aligned with smart strategies, becomes a powerful catalyst for growth, propelling your business to new heights.

The Simplest Example Of Such A Combination?

When you get inspiration for the launch of your new service or program. At that moment, just write it down, and don´t skip anything, even if it´s scary. Then, you grab a calendar and plan it all out. All the stages of the launch, what are you selling, what price points, bonuses, etc. In this stage, you will be using everything you learned, but thanks to intuition, it will be something, you never thought about doing. 

This synergy will guide you towards business success because your higher self is already there, living the success, and knows what steps you need to take to get there. Your mind on the other side, has no concept of earning multiple 7 figures, so it just can´t lead you there.

My philosophy in business is deeply rooted in creating a space where your true self and your business objectives are in perfect sync. It’s about fostering a business environment that resonates with your core, making every strategy and decision a natural extension of your being. If you feel the calling, feel free to get on a call with me so we can discover, how can I support you further in your business growth and upleveling. You can book a call here.

Evolving with Your Archetype

Your journey in business is an evolving narrative. The Success Matrix archetypes serve as guides, evolving with you as you grow. They encourage you to remain true to yourself while adapting to the changing business landscape.

Your business can be a magical manifestation of your unique talents and vision. By embracing your Success Matrix archetype, you unlock a path to success that aligns with your true essence. Let your business be a testament to your individuality and passion.

Discover Your Business Identity

Are you intrigued to find out which Success Matrix archetype resonates with you? Dive into my Archetype Quiz and embark on a journey of aligning your business with your personal energy. Let’s make your entrepreneurial path as distinctive and rewarding as you are.

About the Author

Women Thrive Magazine Article Author - Poli Sevcikova

Name: Poli Sevcikova

Professional Title: Holistic Business Architect and Mentor

Bio: Poli Sevcikova, Holistic Business Architect and Mentor who combines energy and strategy work because she truly believes one can’t work without the other. As a former Facebook Ad Specialist and creator of 5 companies, she first tested everything on herself. And now, she helps other business owners design their unique businesses as well so they can have it all without sacrifices. She doesn’t believe in the hustle and will always choose the way of more ease for her clients. Poli has faced many struggles with anxiety and panic attacks for her entire life. Every day, really every second of her life, she felt the monstrous weight of it, but she never let it define her. She never felt strong, but she knows who she is. If you tell Poli something can’t be done, she will do it. She will play with it and find a way. This is why she loves so much what she does she designs and builds businesses around the lives of her clients and around her life too. Because we deserve to have it all. When Poli isn’t working, she is with her loving husband, celebrating 20 years together this year, and her two children.


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Media platform spotlighting and celebrating entrepreneurial women and their achievements. Creating a platform where every woman can be seen and heard. We are disrupting the media industry by democratising media channels for women. If you have a business or an idea and you would like to rise and thrive, you are in the right place.

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