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Thrive Talks in Brisbane, Australia 2024

Thrive Talks in Brisbane, Australia 2024

Thrive Talks Australia Recap

The inspiration ignited at Thrive Talks Valencia in 2023 planted the seed of a dream, not just for Women Thrive but for our founder, Raimonda Jan, to extend the reach of Thrive Talks to the shores of Australia.Thrive Talks in Brisbane, Australia 2024

When one possesses the courage to ask and dares to dream big, the realm of possibilities expands. Recognising the potential of Australian women to come together, the journey to create an in-person speaking event commenced in November 2023. Despite audacious goals and a mere three-month timeframe, a team of exceptional women was assembled to lead this venture, embodying the values and pillars of Women Thrive. Thrive Talks Brisbane unfolded at the Brighton Homes Arena in Greater Springfield, home to the Brisbane Lions’ AFLW team, offering state-of-the-art facilities that promote equality for female players and elevate the standards for events and community engagement.

Aligning the event with International Women’s Day and its theme, “Count Her In,” provided an inclusive and inspiring platform to connect stories and a deeper vision of women’s empowerment—a space where voices and stories could be heard. Gratitude extends to the speakers, the Women Thrive Media team, and all who contributed to the planning and preparation for this remarkable day. The quality of attendees, approximately 40 women strong, showcased the phenomenal calibre of women present.

Thrive Talks in Brisbane, Australia 2024Twin Wave Media’s meticulous recording and capture of the event, along with their attentive care of our speakers, delivered high-quality images and footage that were deeply appreciated. The exceptional catering, coupled with the melodic tones of Country singer Gemma Kirby, set the energetic tone for the day. Personal highlights included powerful and heartwarming speeches from Marissa Warren, Caroline Bellenger, Cherie Rivas, Lauren Penny, and Angela Henderson.

Adding a special touch, our MC and past Women Thrive Speaker, Tina K Kailea, flew from New Zealand to host the event, creating a safe and supportive environment for both speakers and audience members. The successful book authorship registration, focused on the Australasia region, underscored the power of storytelling.

The day was punctuated with the joyous distribution of donated and gifted lucky door prizes, adding an extra layer of celebration, networking, and appreciation for amazing products and services. The positive energy and seamless flow of the day resonated with participants, as reflected in heartfelt comments like, ‘Marie, I’m so glad I came; this was the best part of my week.’ Within this article, we share reflections from both our esteemed speakers and grateful attendees.


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to speak at the inaugural Thrive Talks Australia event!

To stand beside an incredibly powerful group of women, sharing glimpses of our stories and expertise with an audience of women who were passionate about empowering themselves and others was a magical experience! The energy in the space, from the moment we all arrived, was just beautiful!

As speakers, meeting each other in person for the first time felt so natural, and I loved cheering each one of them on as they spoke. It was fabulous to learn more about each of their experiences, perspectives, and areas of expertise… and each of their presentations was so well-received by our enthusiastic audience.

The entire event was amazing, and I can’t thank Marie enough for being the driving force that brought this event together!

I feel honoured to be part of this community of changemakers and leaders, and I am confident that each of us individually and collectively created a powerful ripple effect that inspired our audience to take action and pursue their dreams.

I’m excited to be involved in future Women Thrive/Thrive Talks events!

Cherie Rivas 

Empowerment Mentor/Transformational Therapist


Marissa Warren said “What an incredible room of amazing women! Wow! I was truly honoured to have met you all, and I can’t wait to see you on stage next year sharing your story! I absolutely loved being a part of this amazing event and community! Women Thrive has been a fantastic network to be a part of. It was an absolute pleasure to meet everyone at the event, and I look forward to connecting further with everyone. Such a beautiful day with beautiful people.”

What an incredible experience to be invited to speak at the Inaugural Thrive Talks in Australia. As a speaker from the 2023 Summit, I already knew the powerful impact that Raimonda creates in everything she does, so saying YES was a no-brainer. The other speakers, Marie, Lauren, Marissa, Cherie, Angela, and MC Tina were incredibly inspiring, and they shared stories of transformation, impact, and hope. The room of ladies attending was so positively affected, and talking to them all afterward, it was evident the day was a success. From the wonderful venue, the superb organization, the inspiring speakers, it is a day I was humbled to be involved in and so grateful to have the opportunity to inspire other women to embrace the courage to Count Her In.

Caroline Bellinger


Lauren Penny shared:

Such a powerful day shared as a Speaker at Thrive Talks Australia. Throughout the day there were tears, laughs, hearts touched, inspiration sparked, and momentum fueled. 6 incredible speakers took to the stage in the inaugural Thrive Talks event, which was launched in Valencia Spain in 2023. 

Key takeaways: 

  • power of speaking your truth
  • speaking your mission
  • speaking from the heart

And that you can touch the lives of others in a way you never knew, and to have attendees approach you afterwards to thank you for your talk, for how much they took away, wrote down, were inspired – well, that is just the ultimate! 


The conversations shared after the speeches were nothing but bonding. Each woman further fuelled for her mission as they know they are meant for more! A heartfelt thank you to the Women Thrive Australia founder Raimonda Jan of Women Thrive Media for the vision and curating this dynamic stage of inspirational women who shared their stories. 

A massive congratulations to Marie Ferguson for spearheading this event, bringing it to Australia, and hosting this at the dynamic home of Brisbane Lions Female Football team. To all the speakers I have had the pleasure to get to know, I loved hearing you speak and am moved by your talks. Caroline Bellenger, Marissa Warren, Angela Henderson, Cherie Rivas, Tina K Kailea and Gemma Kirby.


Attendee Reflections

“What an incredible day 🔥 The high is still strong as I reflect with my coffee in my hotel bed – the alchemy and flow, the sisterhood and most importantly – THE IMPACT we have. The day started with women entering a conference venue and ended with deep conversations and connection. So I’m still high on that feeling… 


 It’s still missing in so many spaces. The vulnerable shares, the truth behind the IG reels and the heartache, grief and painful past that often remains tucked away. The moment you grab the mic, you step into another world, that’s the best I can describe it. And then nothing else matters in that moment.  


There is immense POWER is sharing your story. It’s time for ALL OF US to do this is our own ways, big and small.”

Tina K Kaliea 



“Thrive Talks Australia was such a wonderful time to reflect on my journey as a busy business owner and mother of 5. It was great to hear that all speakers’ lives are just like mine, and I’m sure for all the women in the room. I was inspired to keep on being myself and to provide the women in our community and a unique “me” to then further inspire more women. I connected with so many women who are passionate about wellness and running several businesses like myself. The day made me feel hopeful and not lonely as a business owner; instead, it made me feel empowered.

Emma Atherton



I got that it doesn’t matter how successful you think one woman is, she had to go through a tremendous battle to get there. And you realize the power of sharing testimonies and stories that strengthen each other as a sisterhood and I got so much more! 

Chelsea Style 



Our stories are so powerful, and I loved hearing the speakers share theirs so authentically. My key takeaway from this event was that whatever our daily battles or scars from childhood, we all have the power to change the trajectory of our lives. We just need the courage. Angela Henderson’s ‘what you don’t change, you choose’ is such a powerful takeaway. It’s a lens I will start using when making key decisions both in business and life.

Hue Kedge 



At Thrive Talks Brisbane – “Count Her In” – International Women’s Day Event, all Women speakers stepped up to address catalyst moments in their lives where the illusion of – just getting by with, comfortable – having others’ validation – the facade of the “perfect” life – battling mental health issues, traumatic experiences, and business mayhem was no longer going to be their future story. Each had unique twists and life-affirming realizations that to be a woman was to own the imperfections and take aligned actions with their own truth.

Erena Hodgson 



Such a wonderful morning listening to extraordinary women speak about their lives, their experiences, and the lessons learnt and so gracefully shared. Thank you to Women Thrive Media and Marie Ferguson for bringing “Thrive Talks Brisbane – Count her In – International Women’s Day Event to #Springfield. We are the very first to host one of the Women Thrive Australia events in the country and I couldn’t be more thrilled. 

Hon. Charis Mullen MP 

Member for Jordan & Min for Child Safety, Seniors, Disability Services & Multicultural Affairs 



Media platform spotlighting and celebrating entrepreneurial women and their achievements. Creating a platform where every woman can be seen and heard. We are disrupting the media industry by democratising media channels for women. If you have a business or an idea and you would like to rise and thrive, you are in the right place.

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