5 Ways to Embrace Your Age & Practice Self-Love

Defying Ageism and Embracing Self-Love

Dive into the transformative power of embracing your age, redefining beauty standards, and encouraging authenticity, diversity, and self-love.  Aging – we all get old, but why has it become such a tiring quest for us to defy the signs of advancing age at literally any cost? In today’s world, the media bombards us with messages […]

A woman having a Reiki session for Healing and Mental Health

The Healing Power of Reiki: 5 Ways it Benefits Mental Health

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient practice of holistic healing that promotes wholeness, balance, healing, and consciousness. It is a Japanese technique involving energy healing to balance the mind, body, and spirit. Reiki is a hands-on or hands-above technique that facilitates the relaxation response, a state of deep peace that promotes healing on all levels. […]

How to Create Health Revitalising Eating Habits

How to Create Health Revitalising Eating Habits 

How to Create Health Revitalising Eating Habits with these simple tips by Holistic Nutritionist Jo Dee Baer