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How To Write And Submit An Article That Will Be Easily Accepted For Publishing On Our Platform.

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Here are our Submission Guidelines:  

Article Topics: We are currently only looking for value-based, thought leadership within your area of expertise, and education and support articles for women in business. Generally, we accept articles around business, leadership, women empowerment, marketing & social media, finance & sales, business growth, public speaking & public relations, personal development, mindset, relationships, inner & trauma healing, spirituality, mental health & well-being, self-empowerment, diversity & inclusion, and more. 

Topics we do not accept articles on: 

We do not accept press releases and these will be automatically rejected. We also do not accept solely personal story type of articles that are not based on any specific topic. 

Length of Article: Your article should be between 500-900 words which is roughly 1-2 pages in a standard Word document. 

Picking a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keyword: Pick a keyword(s) that will be prominent throughout your article. These are normally 2-4 words in length. Try to use different keywords for each new article. Examples of keywords are small business financing, guides for mompreneurs, self-care routines, women in business, time management, etc. 

This keyword should be used

    • In Your Title
    • In Any Subtitles
    • Within the Main Text (Out of 100 words the keyword should appear 2-3 times)

Article Title: Write a catchy title that will grab readers’ attention as well as use the keyword you’ve selected for your article. When writing your title ask yourself, “What will someone search on Google in order for my article to pop up?” 

Article Format: Each article should have a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning is usually to introduce the reader to the problem or a topic idea, the main body is to cover the main topics (it is great to use bullet points, numbers, or subheadings for each paragraph that contains your keywords) and the end should summarise, bring the article to an end and possibly give the reader an action point or call to action. Split the content into paragraphs and bullet points, and use shorter sentences and good grammar to improve readability. We recommend using Grammarly to help you with your spelling and punctuation. 

External Links to Credible Websites: Publishing an article online gives you a great opportunity to link back to your website, thus driving traffic to your website as well as growing your website’s online authority. You’re allowed one backlink to your own website per article. You also need 1 link to a credible, authority website to quote or refer to. A good rule of thumb is to find credible websites that end with .gov, .edu, .org, etc. 

Internal Links to Women Thrive Magazine Website: Include a link within your article that goes back to the Women Thrive Magazine website. This can be a supporting article, information, page, and so on. 

Remember, you never want to link a page to your keyword of the article. For example, if your keyword is women empowerment, you don’t want to link to those words within the article. 

Copyright?: Your Article Contents should be original, natural, well-written, and not repetitive. You should not copy someone else’s work or submit an article that has been previously published elsewhere. Your article should not be written by artificial intelligence tools. If you want to repurpose an article previously published on another website, please adjust it by at least 30% before submitting to us. 

Article SEO Checklist:

    • Keyword 
    • Keyword in Title
    • Keyword in Main Text 2-3%
    • 2-4 External Links (not linked to a keyword)
    • 1-2 Internal Links 

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