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Money Wounds Don’t Define Your Success

Money Wounds Don’t Define Your Success

Let’s talk about the most common taboo topic – MONEY. 

It’s the thing that no one wants to talk about but is always at the top of everyone’s mind. It’s the thing that makes the world go round, yet at the same time is the most unspoken topic of all. Why is there so much taboo around a topic that is so relevant to all of our livelihoods? 

Why is it so hard, especially for women, to get comfortable with talking about, making and feeling worthy of having or spending money? It’s time to heal your money wounds and work towards the financial goals you’ve always wanted. 

We’ve invited some of our 2023 Women Thrive Summit speakers and experts in money matters to share their thoughts on how to unlock the money mindset we deserve and to talk to us more about why we have money wounds and some of their experiences with money taboos.  

As a money expert – why do you think there is such a taboo around money? 

The moment you have a negative thought about money, is the moment you hit a mindset block. To me, this is great news because you are stretching yourself with money into new territory. You are entering a space where you probably haven’t been before or haven’t been for a long period of time. You have a huge decision when this negativity creeps up on you, you can let it revert you to old ways and habits with money or you can choose new. 

The issue people run into is what is the new behavior and mindset I should tap into instead of letting the old ways repeat themselves. There is a tremendous opportunity for you in this decision so let’s uncover what your next steps can be when you decide to pick a new one. By trying something new with your money and mindset you are opening yourself up to more wealth in your life. 

  1. Write down all the options you have with your money today. Do a brain dump, which will feel very therapeutic in itself. 
  1. What is the number one thing on your list that will yield the most results for you?
  1. Hire a coach, advisor, or mentor. In order to elevate your decisions with your finances, it takes having an advocate for yourself and someone who can guide you into finding new opportunities for your wealth or soon to be wealth!
  1. Surround yourself with people who have the wealth you are seeking. Most people stay stuck in a certain level of wealth because they are surrounded by people in that same level. The conversations, opportunities, and problems all remain the same so it is no wonder these people never progress. In order to raise your wealth, you first have to raise the quality of your thoughts around money and this involves different conversations.
  1. Normalize what it is you want. If you are calling in a million dollar year, you probably have hundreds or thousands of money stories telling you all the reasons you can’t have it. But if you normalize a million dollars you begin to tell your subconscious that it is attainable. This creates new pathways in your brain that will lead to new opportunities or even old ones you didn’t allow yourself to pursue. 

No matter what you do or think about money, in order to have more wealth, it will involve taking a risk. The more risk, the greater the chance of wealth, but not everyone is comfortable with risk, which is why they find themselves in the same position year after year with their money. This is where the negativity keeps you captured. Get friendly with risk and you’ll find yourself on a new trajectory with your mindset and with your money!

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Name: Jessica Weaver 

Title: CFP, CDFA, CFS, Wealth Advisor, Best Selling Author, and Founder of the Women’s Wealth Boutique


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How is money connected to trauma and wounds and how can it manifest in our businesses?

In my experience from working in the Akashic Records, our money blocks are created from a particular choice we have made (usually in pressured situations or traumatic circumstances) which brings a result that we can be affected by for lifetimes!

For example, you were in business with your brother 11 lifetimes ago and he betrayed you out of a large sum of money which resulted in you losing everything including your family. This would leave a stamp of wounding and trauma in your energetic DNA which could then show up in several ways:

  1. Avoidance- avoiding wanting to make large sums of money – in case it was taken from you,
  1. Taking risks – in case you lost it,
  1.  Distrusting others in business – in case they betrayed you.

Subconsciously a low level of anxiety or fear would be present and you wouldn’t know why. This is why it’s key to get to the root cause of your choices and their energetics of them so we can release them and move on!

Name: Marina Beech

Title: The Soul Alchemist


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How can women better manage and acquire money and wealth?

I owe my financial confidence to my mother, who was raised by a single mother of four in ‘50s Singapore with no extended family or safety net. Understanding money was not a choice; it was a necessity. Later she would see friends left helpless after finding themselves suddenly single and without a clue about how money flowed in and out of their family. She was determined that her daughters would never feel that way. She taught me three lessons which became the cornerstone of my views on money.

  1. Knowledge is Power: There is a whole industry built on making finance a mysterious and impenetrable subject. The secret is that it is not as complicated as you fear.
  1. Learn the Difference Between Risk and Opportunity: Women often have a more risk-averse approach to acquiring wealth. But the opportunity cost of not making bolder choices can set women back years. There is risk in everything we do in life. If you shift your lens towards opportunity rather than risk your choices change
  1. Know Your Value: Knowing your value will mean you have to walk away from situations where your value isn’t recognised. If someone doesn’t want to pay what you are worth then they aren’t your ideal customer.

About the Author

Name: Michelle Kvello 

Title: Founder, Coach & CFO

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How can women reprogram their money mindset to earn more and live in abundance?

Money mindset is a program running in your head related to money. We’re all programmed to have a certain amount of money, which comes from our parents, education, religion, beliefs, etc.

Why is it that people win the lottery and very soon this money is gone? And why are millionaires going bankrupt and they rebuild their wealth very quickly? Because their money mindset is programmed completely differently.

So, how can we reprogram our money mindset and live in abundance?

  1. Awareness of limiting beliefs in relation to money: list them all one by one; ask yourself – is that my belief and is that true?
  1. Rewrite all of these limiting beliefs in the polar opposite, look for examples of why the opposite is true.
  1. Repeat these new powerful beliefs daily – write them down, record them and listen, visualise them. Your brain will accept anything you repeat over and over again. This is how we plant new empowering beliefs.
  1. Feel abundant now, imagine yourself already in the possession of money you desire, what would you buy, what would you do? Feel it, live it now and you’ll become a magnet to it.

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Name: Alex Grzybek

Title: Confidence & Business Mentor


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What are the most common money misbeliefs?

We accept a belief as true, often created as kids or learned behaviours. If you are repelling money, be aware of your misbeliefs not serving you.  

There are common money misbeliefs you may recognize:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • You have to work hard for your money.
  • Money is scarce. 
  • Rich people aren’t happy.
  • I’m not worthy/not good enough.

These common beliefs may NOT be the only culprit. You will need help identifying those deeply hidden beliefs blocking financial success. To uncover, allow a coach to listen to your language when talking about money before going inside to get the learnings to transform you to a magnet for money.

Maybe you might resonate with recent clients hidden misbeliefs:

  • Women can’t be the breadwinner.
  • You need to be a bitch to make money.
  • It is my destiny to struggle.
  • You can’t be spiritual and make money.
  • I deserve to be punished; being poor is my punishment.

Do you know the hidden misbeliefs that are preventing your success? 

About the Author

Name: Karyn De Mol 

Title: Multi Award-Winning Author, Freedom from Secret Eating Coach and Empowerment Expert releasing Womens Secret Fears


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Name: Lorna Jayne 

Title: Energy Expert For High Level Leaders

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How is money connected to emotional energy blocks and how can we recognize if we have a block?

As an Energy Expert for High Level Leaders, I often coach and mentor women in business through their money limitations and mindset blocks, so that they can reach their next income level in business.

Money is just an energy, how we feel, what we think and what we believe around money creates an emotion which gets stored in the cells of our body. Unhealed trauma/emotional blocks such as money blocks show up in our energy centres (chakras).

Money has the ability to either make us feel safe/secure or it creates fear and lack. Each of these emotions has an energetic vibration. Money limitations create a negative/low vibration which if left unhealed, manifests into physical pain/dysfunctions around the lower back/spine area known as the ‘root chakra’.

Using energy healing, you can eliminate the trapped emotion within your emotional energy field and get to the root cause of where this came from.

About the Author

Name: Leslie Saglio

Title: TEDx Speaker, Trauma-Informed Master Coach

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How can women be more empowered with money?

Most of us aren’t conscious of our money story — or at least most of it. Yet it’s there, running like silent software in the background of our consciousness. It drives decisions, fuels fear, and whispers hypnotic truths we can’t possibly out-logic.

Becoming intimate with your money story is courageous, vulnerable work. It means looking at, understanding, and honoring all of it, the traumas, triumphs, pain and joy. In letting go of those unwanted toxic repeating money patterns, you can have peace of mind to move forward with confidence and faith in your ability to build a healthy relationship with money.

You can create a new future based on your consciousness not your circumstances breaking generational patterns that may get in the way. You have the power to choose and write new chapters in your money story. As you build more wealth, abundance and invest in what matters, you can make a bigger impact and influence in this world. When women thrive financially everyone enjoys a better quality of life.

About the Author

Name: Tiffany Marshall

Title: Medicine Woman and Fulfillment Expert for Moms

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Tell us more about the soul of money. 

If I were the Soul of Money I would say “BLESS YES” to what feeds makes me feel alive. I would jump, dance, laugh, and sing, as I am living the life of my dreams; flowing freely, in full expression of my power and pleasure. 

If I were the Soul of Money I would fearlessly lead with my heart open wide,

impact-driven in every abundantly blessed way. I would trust and celebrate the constant creations of magic and miracles, and Know I Am that. 

You’d never hear me say “I can’t”, because I’d deeply believe I could. I’d act on the guidance from my intuition and ancestors, and know the power of my thoughts, feelings, and actions. I’d know my successes and opportunities are endless, because I Am Limitless.


  1. How you feel is the #1 influence manifesting your current and desired realities.
  1. If your reality and desires don’t match, then your feelings need healing. 
  1. When you heal, you become Whole. Your healing (on all levels) and wholeness (or whole parts) is the source of all your Abundance because it directly impacts how you feel!

About the Author

Name: Kawtar El Alaoui, LL.B, PCC

Title: Founder & CEO, Conscious Togetherness, Inc

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As a leadership coach, what are the differences between women who have money wounds and those who have healed them?

My experience working with women of various cultural and professional backgrounds leads me to believe the #1 difference between women who have money wounds and women who have healed them is that women who have healed money wounds deeply enjoy the experience of having money, not only the experience of making it.

Women are still living with many deeply entrenched beliefs inherited from patriarchy. The women who are successful have healed these wounds. They know that self-care and healing are the gateway to meaningful and empowered service. So, these women tend to not only do their external work, but also their inner work.

These women recognize that being driven by purpose means that money is one of the key drivers of change. In other words, money is the lever of power. And in its essence, it is neutral. We are the ones who decide to use it for choices that enhance lives or crush and dehumanize others.

And these women have healed their relationship to both money and power. They have cultivated trust in their power, and embraced the ease, comfort, pleasure, and positive impact that money can be a vessel for in their lives, for their communities and the causes they care about.

The last important distinction I see is that women who have healed their money wounds invest in their financial literacy and learn to make money an ally. Because our relational patterns with fathers show up in our finances, and teams we surround ourselves with, this healing journey also leads women to surround themselves with individuals who uplift them, teams that support their dreams and projects, and investors who see their vision. 

About the Author

Name: Allera Dawn

Title: Founder & CEO, Conscious Togetherness, Inc

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Can you tell us more about the great wealth reset and how it’s an opportunity for a female financial revolution?

The great wealth reset is highlighting how our financial abundance set point is influenced by present-day reality and deep-seated unconscious programming. As a wealth consciousness expert with 20 years of experiences riding the waves of recession and crashes within Global Investment Banks. I’ve coached multi-millionaire clients in scarcity to women leaving a marriage with not a penny but feeling empowered and free.

We all hold a money story. This impacts our capacity to create, receive, retain and grow wealth. Our relationship with money spans generations. Let’s explore influences…

  • On average, women earn just over 15% less than men per hour (Office for National Statistics, 2021).
  • How your lineage created their wealth may have involved colonialism and things that bring shame and guilt around money.
  • Lottery winners often lose it all within two years. Feast or famine is their set point.  So, they unconsciously recreate it.

Money story work is an opportunity for breaking patterns of generational trauma and reclamation of power. It invites us to become financially literate, understand wealth energetics, and develop a new mindset and habits.   

Together we create a new financial role model for women.

About the Author

Name: Caroline Bellenger 

Title: Self-Esteem Coach, Business Coach, Speaker, Author & Founder of Be The Impossible

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It’s Not The Money … It’s How You See It 

When I first started my entrepreneurial journey a few years ago the greatest challenge I had was my wealth mindset and limiting beliefs around money. When I started sabotaging my financial success with lots of business investment and little income return I realised I had a deep wound associated with money.  

But what could I do? Luckily one of my investments was in personal development where I first discovered my personal wounds, fears and subconscious limiting beliefs around money that were holding me back. 

The number one key was working out my core values. Interestingly my top five values didn’t include money but rather kindness, giving, love, adventure and courage. At this point it didn’t look good.

With further coaching in this area I discovered my limiting beliefs were basically money is evil and creating wealth will cause unhappiness. By now I figured my financial success was doomed! However, instead of stopping my entrepreneur journey it was the turning point for my future success.

Without awareness we can not change. By acknowledging these fears and limitations that I had created throughout my childhood and life experiences I was able to use the Neuro Linguistic Program and other coaching strategies to reframe and reprocess to a positive mindset and value system where money became the vehicle to achieve my life values of kindness and giving. 

As a Business Coach I want women to understand that creating wealth doesn’t mean compromising other values they aspire too. It means understanding how money can work in alignment with our authentic selves.

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