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Interview Q&A with Michele Parad

Interview Q&A with Michele Parad

Michele ParadWe sat down with 2024 Women Thrive Summit Speaker Michele Parad who is an intuitive guide for conscious leaders, an international bestselling author, and a speaker. She is known for Your Brilliance Archetype™ guides and the S.E.L.L method, a spiritual philosophy that has helped empower her clients to build businesses that align with their path toward self-actualisation. She is a co-author of the international bestseller book: Success with Source.

Michele Parad has 15+ years of deep expertise in start-up marketing and simultaneously is an advanced healer and mindset trainer with certifications in 6+ spiritual modalities. Her flagship program, Sell Your Brilliance®, takes individuals through higher conscious marketing strategies and activation processes to confidently launch their heart-centered business.

Michele Parad has an academic background in public policy (BA, University of Chicago and MS London School of Economics), and while she never became a public servant, she channeled her interest in social equity to work with businesses that help progress humanity.

Michele Parad feels she is a global citizen, having lived in 11+ cities, she loves interacting with and learning from people from all walks of life, cultures, religions, and norms. Welcome, Michele Parad!

Questions and Answer Interview with Michele Parad

Q1. I’m sure your success has not come easily. What challenges have you had to overcome along the way?

I’ve had to reinvent my business a number of times along the way. Each time, I feel that I have embodied a whole new level of wisdom that I can share in a more meaningful and unique way than I did before. Oftentimes we can get so rigid with our purpose and either die trying to make it happen in the way we originally planned… or we have to evolve and reshape it as we learn about what works and doesn’t. I’ve had moments where I was too attached to what I had created and that got me in a lot of trouble as far as getting into debt and it affecting my well-being. As soon as I released my expectation of a certain outcome, then entirely new ways of being, creating and delivering came through in exciting ways. 

Q2. Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you?

I specialize in helping heart-centered individuals define their business vision and confidently articulate their message. My approach focuses on guiding clients to step into their Higher Self, shedding self-doubt and false narratives. I aim to prevent clients from setting up their enterprises based on ego or limiting beliefs. Instead, I empower them to uncover and connect with their brilliance, and attract soul-aligned opportunities, fostering both personal growth, meaningful impact and wealth.

I don’t aim to be your taskmaster or simply provide accountability; my goal is to support your evolution into the leader you inherently are. That’s why the outcome of what we co-create for your business is entirely unique to you so that it serves your clients in the best way AND fosters enjoyable strategies and processes for you to implement at the same time.

Q3. What advice can you give to aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Stop following other people, copying methods or solely relying on others to tell you how to run your business. Step into the leadership position and hold your boundaries against anything you know in your gut is going to hurt rather than help you. It’s great to research and learn from others, but then give that approach your unique flavor or point of view, or decide not to do it at all. There’s no fast and hard rules around conducting business. I’m always a proponent of questioning everything! Do your due diligence and research so you don’t get taken advantage of by people selling you services…Unfortunately not everyone is ethical in their dealings, even if they say “soulful” or “heart-centered” in their marketing.

Q4. What is the most important lesson you learned as an entrepreneur?

Patience and resilience! Understand that it’s a journey and don’t succumb to looking around and thinking other people are succeeding faster and that they have it all figured out. A lot of times the biggest breakthroughs don’t come from a specific strategy you utilized but a personal shift you made in your energy, mindset, self-image. Transmuting your impatience and/or anxiety can simultaneously transform how effective you are in your work and bring in more abundance. If you fail at something it doesn’t mean you should quit. Pick yourself back up, reflect and tweak or align yourself with a new decision tree. By testing and iterating, you’ll always be lead to the right path so don’t despair!

Q5. How has your life experiences shaped you as a leader and business owner?

I’ve moved around many times in my life. Both geographically across several countries and career wise within different roles and organizations. You could say that I’ve had more than 9 lives all wrapped up in this one! It’s made me a more dynamic and versatile person because I know that whenever I am going through a transition, that I trust in my ability to learn, figure it out and enjoy the new adventure up ahead. I’ve been exposed to many diverse groups of individuals and I believe that has given me a unique ability to empathize with the clients I work with, and to forge beautiful connections and collaborations with people of all walks of life. If there were a new type of united nations organization I would probably join it, because I deeply celebrate the uniqueness that we all bring and at the same time believe we all have so much more in common than we think. 

Q5. In terms of Legacy, What is the mark you’d like to leave on the world?

It really starts with becoming an example of someone who is a quiet rebel, and has enough courage to be the creator and orchestrator of their life. By demonstrating that I am succeeding on my terms, I know it has a ripple effect to inspire others to feel that it’s possible for them too. 

And secondly, my legacy is to make it significantly easier for people to understand and articulate their mission and get all the resources and opportunities they need to pursue it and be visible. I’m currently doing that through my program, Sell Your Brilliance, as well as through my community – TheCoCreators – which is launching in January 2024. The underlying mission is that we’ve got to band together, and rise together, not be in the struggle bus by ourselves. If I can inspire a new standard of generosity, reciprocity

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Media platform spotlighting and celebrating entrepreneurial women and their achievements. Creating a platform where every woman can be seen and heard. We are disrupting the media industry by democratising media channels for women. If you have a business or an idea and you would like to rise and thrive, you are in the right place.

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