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Women Thrive Summit 

New Speaker Opportunities are Open for the largest global virtual annual women’s empowerment summit and conference of the year 


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Women thrive summit
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Join our official Women Thrive Thrive Speaker Showcase each month until the summit. 

  • January 20
  • Feb 9
  • March 10
  • Summit 20-24

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2023 Women Thrive Summit Starts In:


during our event you will:

Featured Guests
Meet our featured guests Laura Wizman and Atena Morelli, podcast hosts, speakers, serial entrepreneurs and influencers from Montreal Canda
Make new meaningful connections with women in our community who are doing incredible things. The best part, you don't even need to leave your home to attend.
Attend our events to find out how you too can become a contributor, get featured in our magazine or speak at our events.

Monthly events

At Women Thrive we hold virtual and global events monthly, this means you can take part in our virtual networking every month. 

This gives you opportunity to make new connections, gain more exposure for your business, find new collaborations, make new friends and be inspired by other amazing women. 

Building a business should not be done in solitude, therefore we created a platform where every woman can thrive. No matter where in the world you are, no matter what your background is you are always welcome.



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Welcome to the Women Thrive Magazine subscription area – we are so thrilled that you have decided to join our subscribers community and receive monthly magazine in print. This is truly a special publication for us and it is an honour to send it out to our customers. 

Our magazine is focused on personal development, entrepreneurship, women empowerment, self-care, mindset and inspiring women stories. It is filled with valuable tips and insights, great articles and latest news. We have a limited amount of advertisements, so you are guaranteed to receive a quality publication with valuable content. 

This is limited print publication, and only with more subscriptions can we make this widely and globally available and drop the cost of printing, that will be eventually passed on to our customers. So go ahead, subscribe and help us make Women Thrive Magazine the most sought after global publication on women empowerment and entrepreneurship. 


Join our official Women Thrive Magazine launch event, connect with other inspiring women and find out how you too can get featured on our platform. 

This event is not to be missed for aspiring contributors, speakers, coaches, authors, business owners and entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey right now, if you enjoy connecting with other inspiring people, hearing stories, doing personal development, learning something new, then this event is for you.