ARE You Ready to GROW your visibility, authority, presence and impact globally?

At Women Thrive Media we have a number of exciting media opportunities for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, speakers, authors and coaches who are looking to gain more visibility and exposure. 

If you are looking to grow and scale by partnering with a media brand that is focused on women’s empowerment and making a global impact – then you are in absolutely the right place. 

We offer an exclusive discovery call opportunity to meet one of our team members to further explore possibilities to work with us. 

This may include:

    • Becoming a regular Exclusive VIP Contributor of our Magazine 
    • Being featured on the Women Thrive Podcast
    • Sponsorship opportunities for extra exposure and visibility
    • Being featured as a speaker at the Women Thrive events
    • Being considered as an author for our co-author book project

All of these options are guaranteed to open a new window of opportunities for more exposure, new clients, and speaking and media opportunities.

Here’s what our clients say:

Are you also ready to grow your visibility, exposure and brand on a global scale?

Our values at Women Thrive Media:


At the core of all we do is women’s empowerment and this underpins our core values, ethics, business activities and the way we have designed our products, services and overall community


Our community and voices on our platform represent the diverse voices of women from all around the globe, every ethnicity, background and race. We are world curious and always aim to represent women from all walks of life and hear about their experiences.


We hold our brand value dear to us to be a credible and authentic platform that values honesty, integrity, transparency and trustworthiness. We also look for the same qualities in the people we represent, feature and collaborate with.

Some of our notable achievements:

  • We dedicate 30% of our speaker slots to first-time speakers
  • We launched in 2017 in London with one event called Women in Business and have since grown to global audience of nearly 600k
  • We’re endorsed by No 1 motivational speaker Les Brown
  • We are 100% self-funded and no external investment has been obtained to build our platform, meaning we are independent of external influences of shareholders

For a small organisation, our social contribution is big

  • We support and contribute a percentage of our annual proceeds to various women-led charities
  • We run in-house talent development and internship training programs for people who aspire to get into journalism and media
  • We don’t just focus on featuring the most famous ‘household’ names on a platform, we give a voice to the’ everyday’ woman who has a big dream, vision and impact
  • We measure our impact against Sustainable Development Goals

About our Founder


Raimonda Jankunaite is the founder and host of the Women Thrive Media & the annual Women Thrive Summit, that is hosted every year to mark Women’s History Month to empower women to thrive. Every year we celebrate and highlight the achievements of women globally.

Raimonda has built Women in Business Club est. 2017 as an inclusive platform and a global community for female entrepreneurs and business founders. In just a short few years Raimonda has build a globally recognised brand and grown her community to over 600,000 followers worldwide.

Raimonda is a best selling author, international speaker, serial entrepreneur and an expert in visibility and authority building. She helps other business founders become recognised and highly visible in their area of expertise and stand out as an authority in their niche.

Raimonda’s passion is hosting events and helping other women become speakers and share their stories worldwide. She believes that there are not enough stages and media outlets that celebrate and spotlight women and their achievements, so Raimonda is on a mission to build a global media company and a platform for women to speak and share their stories, where they feel heard, celebrated and accepted. 

Her passion for speaking and empowering others stems from her own personal experience of loosing her voice, her identity and confidence due to trauma, now that she has overcome her own life challenges and found the power in her voice she wants to make sure that no other woman has to hide her light and shy away from speaking up and sharing her story.

Your story matters and the world needs to hear about it.