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Coaching with Abundance

Coaching with Abundance

Hey sister, 

I am so excited to be a part of this business edition of Women Thrive. 

I was sitting outside in the morning under the trees, enjoying the cool breeze and my morning coffee, and I started remembering when I first started growing my wellness + coaching business. I have a LOT of clients and Facebook messages asking how long it took me to hit 6 figures. (By the way, I’m at high multi-6-figures now, and we crossed the 1 M mark in November 2021).  

So, I decided to just recap what it looked like for me and when things began to shift quickly. I hope these will serve you too. I graduated from NTA as a functional nutritional therapy practitioner in 2015. In that entire year after I graduated, I had one client, and we worked together for about 3 months. I made a whopping $1,000 that year with my FNTP practice. To pay the bills, I did massage therapy and, after expenses, brought home about 20K for the entire year. 

In 2016 I decided to go back to school and learn more about the transformational coaching method, so I invested 5K in the basic training program and another 10K in the master program. Those investments totaled almost my entire year’s wages from the previous year. I graduated at the end of 2017 and remember feeling like, “When am I going start to bring in some income to this business?” I have the training, took all the classes, and have had some success hitting a few 10K in 10-week challenges but was nowhere near creating a consistent stream of income. As a matter of fact, I was 20K in debt on credit cards alone. that didn’t count the car, the house, or the biz expenses.

So, here’s where things got real. I realized that I was trying to piece together all the things I learned on my own. I was getting some results but still didn’t feel like I knew what I was doing to grow a business and bring in consistent INCOME and clients and step out of debt and into a thriving practice. 

Here’s what I did. 

Success leaves clues. I looked at what other successful coaching entrepreneurs and practitioners were doing,  and I found that they ALL had 3 things. 

1. Proven strategy 

2. Had a community for support, accountability, and stretch 

3. Worked with a mentor and had professional guidance 

1. Proven Strategy 

There are a series of steps and a proven process that guides you to get where you are going. Just like a map, having a proven system and strategy will keep you focused on the needle movers that actually create income for your business. PLUS- you get to keep it SIMPLE, REPEATABLE, and Heart-centered so that it feels authentic to you. 

Without the hustle. Without the high-tech, fancy funnels, discovery sessions that felt salesy, or even a team. The truth is, today I am a high multi-6-figure coach with a part-time VA. I don’t have a big team doing all the things. I keep it simple with 2 main offers, and I commit and go all in with success blinders on and follow 1 simple strategy without getting pulled away by the “bright shine object” syndrome. 

2. Community

One of the BEST investments I have made is working within a community of other women cheering me on, supporting me to see beyond what I thought was possible, and learning through each other’s challenges and wins. Community keeps you connected, inspired, and in momentum to follow through and take the inspired action that creates results. 

3. A professional coach or mentor

What else I noticed about those coaching businesses who were quantum leaping and making income and on stages and paying off debt, were practitioners investing in help. Not another Self-guided COURSE. But a true implementation-based program with support in both community and access to the coach LIVE in 1:1 calls so that I could have practical guidance from someone who knew what they were doing, already had what I desired, and could teach me the simple steps to focus on. (The simple system).

While I saw those 3 pieces over and over again, it was actually quite scary when it came time for me to invest in support. But I had to make a decision, and lone wolfing it and piecing it together on my own wasn’t working. I was scared. I only had $100 in my account to give to my coach to say yes, I’m in, and we will figure out the how as we go to come up with the monthly payments. 

But here is the MAGIC. Once you commit, the show opens. 

When I allowed myself to stop lone wolfing it and get into coaching, I created 100K in sales in the first 6 months of working with her. I finished out the year at multi 6 figures in sales. 2020 1:1 client space was completely booked out, and I was actually out of time to take on any new clients. 

That’s how important having professional support is. It collapses the timeline. It closes the back door on excuses. It gives you a greater vision than you thought possible, and you realize that you’re only limiting yourself by your own beliefs. 

I remember when hitting 100K seemed impossible. I actually thought people were lying about what they were making and what was possible. 10K months were my big money goals. And I look back and see now how easy it was to actually hit consistent 10k months with a proven roadmap, a community, and support. 

I will NEVER be without a coach. As a matter of fact, I value coaching so much that I have hired. 

A mindset coach, a strategy coach and mastermind with a community of women, and a book coach. They keep me playing my A-game, showing up for myself, and staying happy, healthy, and aligned. So, what’s the answer to how long did it take me to hit 6 figures? Honestly, it doesn’t happen overnight. It happened quickly once I got out of my own way and said YES to the 3 things I mentioned above. 

So, in reality, give yourself a good 1-2 years of committed, focused, simple strategy and inspired action. Can it happen quicker? Absolutely. Especially when you give up the excuses and go all in. So, before you join another course or program. Ask yourself if you will learn a proven road map, be supported in the community, and have live access to the coach. 

I offer surround sound support to my clients, even in my group programs. They get LIVE access to me in 3 group calls a month, Live personal 1:1 calls to keep them focused and on track each month, and DAILY access to me via Voxer, email, and FB messenger. 

Why so much support? Because I know it’s needed, and I know the pitfalls we fall into when we just throw money at a course but never really implement the pieces. The clients that work with me implement. They show up for themselves. They commit even if they don’t know how, and they keep it simple. I don’t teach a course. I teach a 12-month business accelerator program. I also teach a high-level year-long mastermind where these women are surrounded by other women and have the mindset to hit multi-6-figures.

 It matters who supports you and who you surround yourself with. 

And just in case you’re thinking, Chris, money is great, but it doesn’t make you happy. And I don’t want to work so hard to get it.  

YOU’RE RIGHT!  What it gives you is freedom. 

Here’s what Financial Freedom looks like for me. 

  • Paying off ALL debt. I have ZERO credit card debt. 
  • Paying off my Car- DONE- no car payments. 
  • Paying for not one but TWO kids to go to college. I just got to write the checks. Paying for a 10-day trip to Iceland with my 3 boys, in CASH. 
  • Donating $20,000 in cash, to causes that matter to me including giving cash to other women wellness entrepreneurs who need support growing their practice, giving away programs and scholarships to women wellness entrepreneurs, and supporting my friend’s GoFundMe page who need support with their premie baby and contributing to food banks to help feed my community. 

Making an IMPACT in the world that lights me up.

Time Freedom: I take the last week off EACH MONTH to nourish myself, catch up on pieces of training from my own coaches, and recharge. I go on 3-day retreats EACH Quarter. This gives me time to unplug and get those divine downloads that keep me serving my clients. I take 2 big vacations each year- one just me and my husband and one with just me and my kids. I don’t work weekends or nights (unless I’m inspired to create something). I don’t do sales calls. I don’t do discovery sessions. I’m home for my kids after school. I enjoy a hobby- knitting. I have a 2 hour morning rhythm of spending time in mindset work, meditation, prayer, and movement, and ask myself, “Who do I get to serve today?” 

Most importantly, I get to have amazing conversations 1:1 with my clients, group calls that blow my mind, and I get to see the women I work with step into their own worth and value and create consistent income getting the fulfillment of getting paid for what lights them up in helping others. 

I get to create a community of collaboration and generosity where we all WIN. Like being here in this community with you all. 

If this is the type of freedom you desire, feel free to check out the link below and come hang out in my free Facebook group and take advantage of the free weekly training, freebie Fridays, and positive encouragement there. 

See you on the inside soon, sister. You CAN do this. 

To your ultimate Abundance, 


You can also watch Christine Williams‘s podcast episode, Creating a Heart-Centered Business on YouTube below.

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Women Thrive Magazine Article Author - Christine Williams

Name: Christine Williams

Professional Title: Soulful Business and Leadership Coach for Women

Bio: Christine Williams is the owner and founder of Shine Wellness LLC. A 7 figure business dedicated to empowering women wellness entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners to create soul-led and heart-centered 6-figure businesses, without the hustle and sales tactics that feel so out of alignment for many women. She is known for cultivating community, connections, and collaborations that inspire and create WIN-WINS for everyone. 


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Media platform spotlighting and celebrating entrepreneurial women and their achievements. Creating a platform where every woman can be seen and heard. We are disrupting the media industry by democratising media channels for women. If you have a business or an idea and you would like to rise and thrive, you are in the right place.

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