The Real Essence of Success

The REAL Essence of Success

What do Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson and Jennifer Lopez all have in common? (Besides being powerhouse performers on the global stage!). They’ve all been public about their struggle with low self-worth. Despite masses of success and seemingly confident exteriors, they have suffered from low self-esteem. This may not come as a huge surprise; famous faces […]

Ditch Your New Year's Resolutions so You Can Follow Through on Your Goals

Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions so You can Follow Through on Your Goals

There is something symbolic about the new year. It feels like a chance to start fresh and go after your goals. People seem to be more motivated to improve their health with 12% of new gym sign-ups happening in January. In the UK January brings an increase in new businesses launched with a 10% increase […]

Achieve Sustained Wellness Through the Subconscious Mind

Achieve Sustained Wellness through the Subconscious Mind

These days, when we hear the word sustainable, we immediately think about the environment. Sustainability has become a lifestyle, a practice, a ritual, and a value. By definition, sustainable means something that can be maintained at a certain rate over a determined period of time.  For me, however, when I hear the word sustainable, I […]

The Secret to Understanding You Are Enough

The Secret to Understanding You Are Enough

As a self-esteem coach, one of the most common and most damaging beliefs I hear from women is the feeling that they are not enough. There are many reasons why women have developed this belief, from childhood trauma to the pressure of society’s expectations.  However, where it came from is often less important than understanding […]

Releasing Resistance to Grow

Releasing Resistance to Grow

“Why does this keep happening to me?” Have you ever asked yourself this question? Perhaps there is an obstacle that continuously appears in your life and holds you back from achieving your goals for your career, a relationship, your health, or your spiritual growth.    It can be disheartening to feel stuck, especially while watching others […]

Are You Seeking Validation Outside of Your Relationship?

Are You Seeking Validation Outside of Your Relationship?

Is a lack of communication causing you to look elsewhere, outside of your relationship? Sometimes when we lose the connection of communication we also lose the connection of intimacy with our partner.  When you have an unhealthy relationship: not being heard, lack of intimacy, little to no connection, you find yourself looking elsewhere for validation. […]

Self-Care Tips: Creating the Life You Want that Includes the Truth of Who You Are

Self Care: Creating the life that you want that includes the truth of who you are. Self care is often something talked and dreamt about but rarely executed. Still, we look upon self-care as if it’s a luxury and something we get to do on a special occasion. Self care has never been more important, […]