Lessons In Writing: Finding Your Voice by Picking up a Pen

Lessons in Writing: Finding Your Voice by Picking up a Pen

One of my favorite things to do growing up as a kid in the Midwest was to create stories. I would spend hours crafting stories with my Barbies or paper dolls, crafting back stories of their lives and adventures that helped build their character. As I got older I would start to write short stories […]

Women Will Do Great Things

Women Will Do Great Things – We All Need Inspiration to Believe in Ourselves

As we all move through life, we have; hopes, dreams, intentions, goals, and aspirations. So call it what you will. We also all have roadblocks and diversions or see our dreams shattered and our hearts broken. I had my dreams shattered, and my heart broken and felt hopeless and fearful of the future. After nearly […]

Why Are Women Leaders the Future of Leadership Article Banner

Why Are Women Leaders the Future of Leadership?

There is a traditional idea of leadership being about power and control, about forcing outcomes and projecting an air of superiority. Women leaders have often tried to fit into this dehumanizing model of leadership, to the detriment of their health, and wholeness. That is because women are socialized to be highly empathic, yet their empathy […]

Mind Your Muffins: The Key to a Legit Business Mindset

Mind Your Muffins: The Key to a Legit Business Mindset

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If so, it’s time to start minding your muffins! That’s right, we’re talking about the key to a legit business mindset. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow your existing business, having the right mindset is essential for success. Think about it: […]

5 Reasons You Need a Sponsor

5 Reasons You Need a Sponsor

So, You Want to Be Promoted? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Need a Sponsor. As a leadership coach, I speak with clients all the time who want to get noticed and promoted at work. They are usually of the view that they work really hard and their hard work alone should gain them visibility […]

Unleash the Power of your Brilliance

Unleash the Power of your Brilliance

Unleash the Power of your Brilliance By: Dr. Coylette James Ladies, can we talk?  No, I mean really talk without putting on airs and pretending to be someone else.  The kind of talk you have on girls’ night when you put your hair in a ponytail and pour a glass of wine and just be yourself […]

Best Steps on How to Use Your Instincts to Develop your Intuition

From Albert Einstein to Oprah Winfrey, great leaders rely on their intuition to make better decisions, spark passions and discover creative solutions.  Yet for many, knowing when it’s their intuition versus their mind is so difficult, it stops them from pursuing their intuitive gifts These people fail to develop their intuition, not because they don’t […]

Meet the Founder of The Revolutionary Way to Develop Your Intuition for a Rich and Powerful Life – Kim Woods  

Q: It’s an honor to speak to you today. Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you?  Hi, Kim Woods, Author and The Intuitive Business Strategist. I combine ancient wisdom with tried-and-true business strategies to help business leaders achieve radical levels of satisfaction in […]

Are You Getting Ready To ‘Get Ready’ To Start Speaking?

Success is getting started before you’re ready, Marie Forleo says, but I’d take that a step further and start speaking on stages long before you think you’re ready if you want success fast. Are you an entrepreneur who knows she needs to get on stage, but you’re spending all your time getting everything in place […]