Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Success

Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Success

Why do some leaders experience long-term success? How do they do it, and what is their secret? A particular skill set, mindset, specific personality traits, and attributes differentiate highly successful leaders and the longevity of their overall success. These qualities are known as emotional intelligence (EQ) and have become increasingly well-recognized in recent years. Moreover, […]

Rediscover You with Purpose

Rediscover You with Purpose

Have you woken up one day and looked around at your life, only to think, how did I end up here?! This is not where I thought I would be at this age! Maybe after having children, you lost your sense of identity and felt that you were no longer living for yourself, and instead […]

Prioritising Your Financial Health for a Secure Future

In today\\\’s fast-paced world, discussions about health and lifestyle often revolve around physical fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being. However, one critical aspect is often overlooked: financial wellness. Just as we make conscious lifestyle choices to care for your bodies and minds, it is equally important to nurture your financial health. So many of us focus […]

Empower Your Success: A Practical Guide for Women in Business to Conquer the Year Ahead

As we gear up for another year of challenges and triumphs, crafting a strategic plan that propels your ventures to new heights is crucial. In this guide, we’ll delve into actionable steps that merge practicality with insightful wisdom, ensuring a successful and fulfilling year. Let’s embark on a journey of empowerment and growth together. 1. […]

Embrace Strength and Self-Mastery, Shedding the Diet Culture to Unleash Confidence and Upleveled Leadership

This is for the January wellness cover – writing based on her guidelines 🙂 I am happy to change anything you need!   Transform your new year into a journey of strength, resilience, and self-mastery! Ditch the diet culture once and for all, and step into a newfound confidence that will elevate your leadership and […]

Women Entrepreneurs in The Food Truck Industry

Running a business in the food industry can be a challenging endeavor. But when you add the fact that you’re a woman in a man’s world, the obstacles can seem insurmountable. However, with hard work, determination, and a strong support system, you can own and operate a successful food truck business.   First and foremost, […]


PUBLICITY DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PUSHY How to get visible in a way that feels good, by Sarah Lloyd, PR Alchemist People often ask me if there is a secret sauce to getting yourself out there in the press.  I wouldn’t say there is a secret sauce, but to quote an old boss of mine […]

Rewriting the Story: The New Narrative of Thriving Working Moms

Rewriting the Story: The New Narrative of Thriving Working Moms Are you a working mom constantly juggling the demands of your career, family, and personal life? Do you ever feel like you’re expected to be a superhero, effortlessly balancing all aspects of your life? Maybe you’re closer to burnout that you realise. And you’re not […]

Infertility Warrior Turned Fertility Coach: Meet Adele O’Connor (AKA, Donor Egg Mama)

As you stare at the negative pregnancy test, your heart sinks. Your biological clock is ticking but your body just won’t cooperate. You’ve tried everything – years of tracking ovulation, acupuncture, fertility drugs – but still no baby. You’re not alone. Millions of women face infertility, and for many the only option left is donor […]

A Year of Success: The Power of Self-Regulation in Annual Planning

As I sit down to outline the strategies for a successful year ahead, I’m compelled to reflect on the journey that has unfolded. What a remarkable year it’s been! My growth has been exponential, reaching heights that were once beyond my imagination. The seeds of 2023’s success were planted in the last months 2022. I […]