How to ignite your passion without quitting your 9-5 job

How to ignite your passion without quitting your 9-5 job

How to ignite your passion without quitting your 9-5 job? Just like in the latest Beyone’s singe ‘Break My Soul’, these days it is almost impossible to avoid comments like:  ” Quit your 9-5 job and follow your passion” “Get out of corporate prison and be your own boss” ” The great resignation is not […]

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Let’s Celebrate Our Sisters, Women In Business! 

Let’s Celebrate Our Sisters, Women In Business – the powerful tips to help you grow your business with a support of a global community

You Can Be An Unstoppable Speaker — Here Are 4 Keys Steps To How It’s Done

For the past number of years, I have been helping women become unstoppable with their voices and their impact. My speaking and mentoring work have not only been tremendously satisfying. Personally, it has also brought me my own financial freedom, with a globetrotting lifestyle and multiple six-figure revenues. Like anything worth doing well, it doesn’t […]

Why Feeling Like A Misfit Is Your Business Superpower

Why Feeling Like A Misfit Is Your Business Superpower

Have you ever felt like an outsider peering in and truly not belonging? Have you tried to assimilate yourself into a social group only to find that your efforts were futile? What if you were never meant to fit in? What if your ability to talk to individuals on a one-on-one level from various walks […]

Become A Successful Entrepreneur – The Complete Start-Up Guide to Entrepreneurship

How to become a successful entrepreneur? At some stage, every one of us had a million-dollar idea but the difference between those who become a million-dollar business and those who don’t is the action you take with your ideas. If you believe you have the next big successful idea and have no clue where to […]

7 Simple Ways to Minimise Working From Home Distractions

Working from home? When you’re building the business of your dreams, you will want oodles of focus, inspiration and motivation while working from home. But when you are working from home, you will quickly come to realise that your comfy home rarely provides you with this supportive and empowering environment. Moreover, when you are working […]

How To Learn To Love Sales

How to learn to love sales? I totally get it…you want to be successful and confidently show up; have a waiting list of your dream clients, be so comfortable with sales it comes easily and naturally to you so how to learn to love sales? You’re so ready to be fully booked out, financially abundant, with a lifestyle […]

10 Ideas for Quick and Easy Content Creation

Looking for Content Creation Ideas? Do you struggle to come up with Social Media Content Creation ideas for your online presence? Do you feel bored of posting the same old social media content all the time? Here are our quick and easy content creation tips for your online & marketing content.  We get it, coming […]

Passive Income Ideas and Monetising Your Skills

Passive Income Ideas & Monetising Your Skills Are you looking for passive income ideas? So many women in business dream of being self-employed and working for themselves but don’t know how to monetise their skills to make it happen. Then once they do have a business, creating a passive income stream is the dream of most […]


Business Collaborations and Events by Millennial Women

Business Collaborations: How to build successful business collaborations with millennials?  Business collaborations are extremely important today more than ever before. We have recently interviewed the founders of the We are Millennial Women podcast and events, and the gorgeous sister-business partners, Melissa and Stephanie Carcache. Melissa, an actress, and Stephanie, a singer/songwriter, founded the podcast as they felt […]