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Breaking the Stigma: Women in Business Empowering Through Help and Community

Breaking the Stigma: Women in Business Empowering Through Help and Community

Breaking the Stigma Around Seeking Help, tailor-made for women in business who face the complex challenge of juggling professional aspirations with personal fulfilment. 

We are on a mission to change the narrative, affirming that seeking help is a stepping stone to success, not a setback. Join us in empowering women in business to reach new heights by embracing the support systems around them.

Breaking the Stigma: Women in Business Empowering Through Help and Community

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, women find themselves navigating the complex balance between professional aspirations and personal fulfilment, often isolated and overwhelmed. The stigma surrounding seeking assistance casts a long shadow, but within the cocoon of a supportive community, we uncover our innate resilience. Embracing vulnerability and the act of seeking help become essential catalysts for personal growth and the cultivation of unwavering self-confidence. Together, we embark on the journey of redefining success, collectively transforming perceived vulnerabilities into profound strengths.

1. How can the resistance of seeking help affect our success as women?

Recent statistics highlight a concerning trend: stress and burnout disproportionately impact women, especially working mothers, compared to their male counterparts. I have experienced burnout twice in my life, and I can assure you that it is not pleasant. In my case, severe vertigo immobilised me for over a week.

Modern women contend with ten times the responsibilities they had two decades ago, all while aspiring to excel in their professional careers. A significant contributor to burnout, one that I experienced as well, is our hesitance to ask for help, feeding the unrealistic ideal of the superwoman who can effortlessly manage everything.

After my second divorce, I tried to be the superwoman who could do it all—raising two small children at the ages of 9 months and 2 years while building my business. It was after the burnout that I realised I had to make a choice: drop gears or lose everything.

Initiating change involves acknowledging our contribution to this stereotype and embarking on a journey of reprogramming our beliefs. To thrive, it’s imperative to establish robust boundaries—for time, energy allocation, and even for our own tendencies toward overachievement.

Success unfolds not in isolation but by embracing collaboration and delegating tasks to partners, family members, colleagues, and professionals who can effectively handle specific processes. This shift allows us to focus on our unique strengths and experience personal growth.

May this paradigm shift inspire not only personal growth but also a profound transformation in societal expectations.

Women Thrive Magazine Article Author - Christiana Genie

Christiana Genie

Corporate Women’s Coach

Founder of the Inner Growth Academy



Christiana Genie | Leadership & Self-discovery

By embracing boundaries and dispelling superwoman illusions, we redefine success as a collaborative journey.

2. Why is Overcoming the Stigma of Seeking Help Crucial for Personal Growth and Resilience?

In my 28-year law enforcement career, challenges tested my resilience, not just from job demands but also from workplace bullying and personal trauma. The heartwrenching loss of my 4-year-old son, Cameron, marked a pivotal moment. Grieving and grappling with mental health struggles, I returned to work within a week, attempting to navigate the storm alone. The silence surrounding my struggles persisted until it was almost too late, the reluctance to seek support nearly costing me everything.

Transitioning into entrepreneurship, personal and professional setbacks became palpable. The collapse of my gym business marked another turning point because the fear of failure and judgement had prevented me from reaching out.

Silent battles with depression endured for ten years, a testament to the stigma that plagued my journey. A decade later, on the brink of despair, I mustered the courage to break the silence and seek the support that had eluded me. 

Reflecting on this journey, I share this wisdom: breaking the stigma around seeking help is not weakness but a courageous acknowledgment of our shared humanity. I invite you to rewrite your narrative. Embrace the idea that seeking help is not a sign of weakness but a profound strength. Today, take that courageous step and unlock the transformative power of support on your journey toward empowerment. Your path to a thriving life begins with understanding that seeking help is a testament to your strength, not a setback. Embrace this truth and welcome the transformative journey.

In vulnerability lies strength; shatter the silence, embrace support, and thrive.

Women Thrive Magazine Article Author - Kay McCready

Kay McCready

Emotional Resilience Expert

Trauma Practitioner


9DBreathwork Facilitator

Co – Founder of BEAT Global Academy Ltd



3. How Can Embracing Help and Community Empower Women in Business to Thrive?

In the world of entrepreneurship, we navigate unknown paths, wear multiple hats, and juggle countless responsibilities. As women in business, we face the challenge of balancing professional aspirations with personal fulfilment, which can feel lonely and overwhelming.

For me, asking for help doesn’t come naturally. It’s a vulnerability I’ve been conditioned to avoid, often seen as a weakness. I pride myself on figuring things out independently, but in doing so, I missed out on the power of community and support systems that can elevate me to new heights.

Community is where the power is. Finding the right tribe, one that fosters support and love without comparison, is essential. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely path, and it’s in community we discover the true strength of collective support.

Seeking help opens doors to growth. It provides us with different perspectives, a safe space to express emotion, and opportunities to seek advice. It’s not just about solving problems; it’s about embracing the journey of development.

As women in business, we wear many hats. We tackle demanding corporate roles, run businesses, manage households, and more. The list seems endless, but when we find a safe space to seek help, guidance, and cheerleading, a weight is lifted off our shoulders. We discover the joy of sharing both the highs and lows of our journeys with those who genuinely understand.

It is time to embrace the positivity of seeking help; it’s a necessary stepping stone to success holding the key to growth, confidence, and ultimate fulfilment.

Together, we redefine success through community, vulnerability, and seeking help.

Women Thrive Magazine Author - Hannah Roper

Hannah Roper

Creative Entrepreneur 



Founder of The Female Creative and Country on the Coast





Embracing Support in the Rollercoaster Journey of Mumpreneurship: A Game-Changer for Balancing Life, Success, and Self Mastery

In the whirlwind of Mum life and entrepreneurship, I discovered that these two seemingly divergent paths could harmonise. While the journey had its fair share of bumps, navigating through impulsive decisions—such as leaving the corporate world to wholeheartedly pursue my passion for helping others—revealed the challenges of balancing the demands of both worlds. The pressure to have it all together, from putting dinner on the table to maintaining a clean house while embodying both dominant and feminine energy in Mum life and as a rockstar CEO, often felt overwhelming.

Identifying the delicate balance between these roles became the essential for making this journey work. The ongoing self-mastery journey, transitioning from who I once was to the person I am becoming, played a pivotal role in dismantling the stigma associated with seeking help and nurturing collaborations with others. Whether through counsellors or therapists, it was when I found the right coach that I truly grasped the powerful, game-changing impact of embracing support from others. Your network really does define your net worth! These newfound relationships have skyrocketed my opportunities and helped find my tribe.

Picture a limitless world, knowing you can have it all! Trust me, it’s there for the taking. By working together, we empower, guiding Mumpreneurs toward life balance, success, and self-mastery. 

Reaching out can help you take chaos to calm and bring harmony.

Women Thrive Magazine Article Author - Keely Pierce

Keely Pierce

Founder and CEO of I am More Academy Limited

Award Winning Empowerment Coach,


Youth Development Specialist






Media platform spotlighting and celebrating entrepreneurial women and their achievements. Creating a platform where every woman can be seen and heard. We are disrupting the media industry by democratising media channels for women. If you have a business or an idea and you would like to rise and thrive, you are in the right place.

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