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How to write and submit an article that will be easily accepted for publishing on our platform.

Do you have a topic you feel passionate about and have knowledge in? Would you like to write an article for the Women Thrive Magazine or Media platform to spread your message with our global audience of over 600k followers? We are currently accepting all articles for publishing that meet our Article Submission guidelines. If unsure please read below and check out some of our existing articles on our website. 

You are here because you are considering writing an article for Women Thrive Magazine and our digital platform. Great! When submitting your work it is important that you have reviewed and followed these article submission guidelines and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) standards. So let’s begin… 

How many words should your article be? – We accept articles from 500-900 words in length this represents a page or two in a standard Word document. 

Is the title important? – Yes the title is important for two reasons – 1. Will it attract people’s interest to click on it and read it? 2. Will it be searchable on Google for the topic or keywords you have used in your title? Sometimes shorter and more simple titles work better and you can write more in the opening paragraph. When choosing a title think of ‘What will someone search in order to find my article on Google’? Is my title interesting enough and shows value to the reader before they even click on it? This little handy Title generator tool could help you. Click here

How to use Key Words for your Search Engine Optimisation? – Choose one keyword term that will be prominent throughout your article and use that Key Word Phrase in your title, in subtitles and the main text. Maintain keyword density of 2 to 3%, not more. Out of 100 words, you should have 2 to 3 keywords in the content. Use 1 primary keyword per blog – this is what Google should rank your blogs for, using the main word or short phrase as the main topic of your blog post. This should be approximately 2-4 words. Your key search term is usually the same as you used in your title. 

How can I format the article to make it easy to read? – Each article should have a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning is usually to introduce the reader to the problem or a topic idea, the main body is to cover the main topics (it is great to use bullet points, numbers, or subheadings for each paragraph that contains your keywords) and the end should summarise, bring the article to an end and possibly give the reader an action point or call to action. Split the content into paragraphs and bullet points, use shorter sentences and good grammar to improve readability. We recommend using to help you with your spelling and punctuation. 

Let’s talk more about LINKS – publishing an article online gives you a great opportunity to link back to your website, thus driving traffic to your website as well as growing your website’s online authority. The more links you have pointing to your website from external and credible sources, the more your website will rank on Google. 

How do you add links to your articles? – There is a magic secret to links, follow the steps below to ensure your article is fully SEO optimised to get more traffic to your post. Use at least 1-2 external authority links per post to reference any quotes, statistics, or reputable sources to give your article some credibility. 

You should only link to your own website once. You should have 1-2 reputable links to back up any statistics or research you quoted. Reputable links are usually high authority websites or university, charity, government, or other official authority websites. These usually would be your backup resources to quote stats. Put those links as references so we can embed them in the relevant place of your article. 

– At least one internal link to cross-reference the post to an existing article within our own website (this can be done by us based on where your article is published)  If you find an article you can cross reference on our website, use the full article title to link 

Never link an external page with a keyword. Use read more, find here, read here or similar. Always include the link to where you found the source of information. 

What about copyright? Your Article Contents should be original, natural, well written and not repetitive. You should not copy someone else’s work or submit an article that has been previously published else where. If you want to repurpose an article previously published on another website, please adjust it at least 30%. 

Can the article be about me? We are currently looking for value based articles, thought leadership on your area of expertise, to educate and support women in business and generally female readers. The articles should be focused on your area of expertise and the topic you wish to write about. The article should not be about your personal story, Q&A type of article or a feature, press release or information about your business. It can however touch on your personal experience, perspective, or snippet of your background experience with that particular topic where relevant. 

In the future we will have opportunities for women to feature their stories and add more diverse content on to our website, but currently we are only accepting thought leadership value based articles that covers specific topics. 

Note: Please do not forget to submit your headshot photo, short bio, website link, social media handles to us. This will help us reference your article back to you and give you full credit and exposure. If you wish for us to use more than one image in your article please add a Google folder link in your article document. 
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Your article will be reaching a diverse and global audience of affluent female entrepreneurs, CEO’s, aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, speakers, coaches and many others who may identify themselves as business owners or those aspiring to do more personal development.  The best articles will be shared across our social media and we would love for you to do the same. Let the world know you have been published on the Women Thrive Magazine platform. 

Also, once published, don’t forget to add our logo and link back to our website. We would be honoured. 

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Please submit your email below to receive our contributor application form. This is to ensure that our emails do not end up in your spam folder, as we will need to communicate important information and updates about your article submission. If you did not receive your application, please check your spam folder, white list our email, or get in touch with us directly to report a problem. In the future, our article submission will be done via our website. 
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