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An Interview with the Founder of Goodnessmealternative

An Interview with the Founder of Goodness Meal Alternative

Karyn had experienced loss at a young age causing SUPPRESSED GRIEF – it started at 10 when her father died. Life went on somehow, and within three short years, when her mum met a fantastic man and remarried, only to have him die too. She was left alone because her mom was struggling with the grief – left to her own devices at age 15, still very much grieving and now missing her mum but putting up a brave front. All this also transposed to another loss – the loss of her childhood. Having a lot of freedom, as you do as a 15-year-old, she covered up numbing out the pain with – partying, drinking, and smoking. It looked on the outside like she was having a ball but crying inside, feeling alone and sad, believing she must have done something wrong. Believing that she was just:


AFRAID TO BE herself – not sure who Karyn was other than this party gal. So afraid of being judged and rejected by others. But the little girl was saying – What about me? Who is looking after me? To add the icing on the cake, she lost her mum 15 years later and was devastated again. Fast track to years later, after returning to school and becoming a CPA accountant, and had a great job. However, she knew she still wanted more, was sick of the excess weight, and wanted more from life but could not seem to get her shit together by herself – this is when Karyn discovered the self-development world and then hired her first coach who believed in her more than she believed in herself allowing her to see her potential.    She had lots of aha moments, and it was her aha moments that led her to DISCOVER HER PASSION IN LIFE. She knew she wanted to serve others the way the coach had helped her – leading her to go then and train in many modalities and become an expert in stopping overthinking and preventing burnout in women due to loss and grief. The training held Karyn in good stead handling the news with strength when just under two years ago, being told the dreaded words ‘You have cancer’ and had to undergo extensive neck dissection. Despite all the challenges, Karyn is a cheerful unicorn lover who believes there is magic in everything.

What do you think is the biggest challenge female entrepreneurs face today?

There are many challenges that female entrepreneurs must overcome. I believe one of the most significant obstacles that women face today is the impact of their past experiences and traumas on their beliefs about themselves and the world around them. Historically, women have had to fight against discrimination in business and entrepreneurship, leading to women as a gender internalizing beliefs of inferiority, lack of confidence, and self-doubt, which science has proved can be transferred through genes.  Trauma can profoundly impact an individual’s self-esteem, self-worth, and ability to take risks and make bold decisions. Female entrepreneurs who have experienced trauma may struggle to assert themselves, trust their instincts, and take the necessary steps to grow their businesses. Moreover, many women have experienced personal traumas that have only compounded these challenges. Overcoming these challenges requires internal work, such as self-reflection, healing, and self-care, as well as external support, such as mentorship, networking, and advocacy for gender equality.  By empowering women to overcome their past experiences and beliefs, we can foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for female entrepreneurs, leading to more significant innovation and success for all. Through experience, I have learned that women who want to succeed must invest in personal growth and development.

What is the most important lesson you learned as an entrepreneur?

Inside of everyone is a real-life superhero; being a superhero doesn’t have to involve wearing a cape (although why wouldn’t you want to?) and fighting off bad guys. You can bring out your inner superwoman by identifying your strengths and passions. I learned that everyone has the answer within us; we need help locating the solutions and getting a new perspective that will allow us to heal and transform. 

Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in, and why should someone work with you? 

I work with overthinking women stuck in an endless loop of unpleasant emotions where those thoughts are causing stress in the body. Women who feel they can’t take in what’s happening struggle to be present. They often find themselves reaching for anything to give them pleasure to make them feel better. These feelings cause a flow-on effect on their work, health, and relationships. Who hasn’t been there – Right? But realize it doesn’t last because the real problem is still there.   I work with them in a one-on-one breakthrough program, the ultimate education program that causes rapid learning of wisdom into their unconscious and conscious knowledge. There is no longer a need for years of talk therapy or even positive affirmations as they already have that positivity inside them. They are wiser in their soul, making better choices, noticing different things keeping them safe, and sabotaging is no longer necessary. Emotionally, they are better regulated, less triggered, and have different automatic responses and behaviours. It is a self-inner, quick, long-lasting conflict resolution process, with deep healing back to the core which breaks the genetic cycle (according to the science of epigenetics), You no longer must live with the traumas passed down through your genes. It is an adventurous virtual reality non-emotional process designed specifically for women taking into consideration that women attach emotions to every event and so need a different approach that allows them to always feel safe without reliving the pain and trauma. I help them identify all their hidden sabotaging behaviours, so they can confidently move toward their goals. After a woman has experienced this breakthrough, they NO longer fear the unknown or grieve the past and live in control of their actions and choices, feeling true joy. I love watching their faces transform from the first session; it gives me such pleasure knowing I have helped them rediscover themselves again so they can succeed in business and in life.  

Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you? 

Success to me is finding a sense of fulfillment and purpose in life. Feeling a sense of satisfaction in my accomplishments and feeling like my life has meaning and contributes positively to the world. Success also includes having fun and enjoying the pleasures of this world; after all, my number one value is to enjoy life. 

Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more? 

The best way is to book a free chat to discuss their individual circumstances. Together, we’ll discover the key blocks and I’ll set out a plan to help them achieve what they want.  Click here to schedule a free call with Karyn. Email: Website:



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About the Author

Karyn De Mol  

Name: Karyn De Mol

Professional Title: Founder of Goodness Meal Alternative 

Bio: Karyn is a qualified CPA Accountant with an extensive corporate career and many therapeutic qualifications. As an Empowerment expert specialising in Loss and Trauma, Karyn founded Goodnessmealternative, finding her passion for empowering women to overcome their overthinking brains, beliefs,  and fears that hold them back from finding balance in life and feeling peace in their hearts and mind. An expert in releasing Women’s Secret Fears stopping them from achieving their dreams even if they are feeling overworked or burnt out. Karyn is also the co-author of the 10x multi-award-winning book Eating Secrets, which helps women to love and accept themselves. 


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Media platform spotlighting and celebrating entrepreneurial women and their achievements. Creating a platform where every woman can be seen and heard. We are disrupting the media industry by democratising media channels for women. If you have a business or an idea and you would like to rise and thrive, you are in the right place.
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