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Achieve Sustained Wellness Through the Subconscious Mind

Achieve Sustained Wellness through the Subconscious Mind

These days, when we hear the word sustainable, we immediately think about the environment. Sustainability has become a lifestyle, a practice, a ritual, and a value. By definition, sustainable means something that can be maintained at a certain rate over a determined period of time. 

For me, however, when I hear the word sustainable, I don’t immediately consider the world at large. I go deeper inward. I ask myself, What does it mean to have self-sustaining health? What makes health last? How does someone truly know in their bones that they’re healthy at all?

Regardless of our daily disciplines—self-care routines, mindfulness practices, and diet and exercise regimens—there’s still a huge gap regarding how to know—physiologically—that we’re healthy. This gap between the conscious, choosing mind, and the subconscious, autonomic mind, has a couple of pervasive and cyclical repercussions. 

Systemically, society emphasizes Western medicine, lab work, testing, and conventional pill-popping methods to address symptoms, not the root cause. This reliance perpetuates addictive patterns, misuse of prescriptions, and even inappropriate medical philosophy as a whole. The impact? A more complex disease, disorder, and pathology.

As a result of this medical model, individuals often feel disempowered, isolated, and unheard in their healing journey. It becomes harder to trust our innate intelligence, have agency, and live from our authority. This, too, contributes to (and creates) layered trauma on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.

Conventional medicine’s structure makes those reliant on it less exposed to—and educated on—holistic and integrative healing methods that address the why behind symptoms manifesting in the first place. Point blank: at the root of every physical symptom is an unprocessed, emotionally-charged memory. 

What do we call this storage space for our archived memories? Cue: the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the reactive, invisible, survival structure of the brain that dominates 95% of our existence. This includes our thought patterns, emotions, behavior, relationships, physiology, energy field, and even our overall genetic composition. 

Essentially, who we are—on a biochemical, structural, neurological, emotional, and spiritual level—is determined by what I like to call the Invisible Realm, the place that controls our involuntary experiences like the heartbeat, breath, blinking, yawning, and dreams. 

As a society, it’s easy to dismiss that which we don’t tangibly see. But even though the subconscious is invisible, there are ways to track its impact in our lives each and every day. I’d like to dissect this concept a bit more from a sensory standpoint so we can better understand the value of the subconscious mind in sustained health and healing.

We process our life experiences through our senses—with our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and sense of touch. Our sensory experiences dictate our internal and external environment, including our beliefs, preferences, and generalized way of being in the world. Here’s how it works.

In present-day, all it takes is one sensory trigger—a color, a bite of food, high-fiving a friend—to activate those same sensory receptors into a past, unprocessed memory (most often without even knowing it). That past memory is responsible for signaling the body into a state of survival, which might show up for someone as present-day migraines, autoimmune disease, scarcity mindset, and depression.

Once we locate and harmonize the root memory that’s responsible for signaling present-day stress, as well as its associated maladaptive sensory receptors, we can upgrade its cellular expression to form regenerative interior networks. Wild, right?

This subconscious sensory processing work is imperative for creating epigenetic wellness, meaning, “above genes.” Dr. Bruce Lipton, American Developmental Biologist, is a trailblazer in the modern scientific movement. 

His work helps us know that we can rewire the old genetic paradigm that states we’re destined to experience the same conditions passed down from our ancestors. No. That’s simply not true and thankfully, there’s evidence to prove it.

The body, simply and unequivocally, is designed to heal, regenerate, and completely be whole, regardless of life circumstances, diagnoses, and limiting beliefs. Not only that, but Dr. Lipton helps us understand that harmonizing our internal sensory environment actually creates a new external sensory environment. When we can align the way our minds, bodies, and spirits have been programmed to survive, we can feel to heal and thrive.

In my subconscious healing work with clients, I use a comprehensive, intricate, and self-sustaining system that incorporates over 14 different modalities from Eastern and Western medicine combined to help us track, process, and upgrade the unprocessed patterns currently living in the subconscious mind. This doesn’t just include the traumas we know we have, but those we don’t know we have, stemming from this lifetime, past lifetimes, and generational patterns, as well.

I’m passionate about guiding people to and through the subconscious mind, as it operates differently than the part controlling what I’m saying here now. It’s always communicating with us—through thoughts, symptoms, and experiences—so what would it be for us to communicate with it, effectively, in return? To use it as a guide and ally so that we don’t have to keep going back to doctors, therapists, and wellness professionals until the end of time? 

Once we implement the role of the subconscious mind into health and healing protocol, we can know (not just believe) that sustained health is our nature, our birthright, and it’s available to us infinitely. We just need the right tools and support to get us there. Health is on the way. In fact, it’s already here.

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About the Author

Name: Paige Frisone

Professional Title: Subconscious Health Practitioner

Bio: Paige is a Subconscious Health Practitioner, published writer, poet, and psychosomatic speaker stationed in Boulder, CO. She’s the founder and owner of her integrative practice, Inner Realm Wellness LLC, where she aids clients around the globe in processing trauma and dis-ease on a subconscious and sustainable level. Her work is fueled by losing a decade of her life to anorexia, severe depression, anxiety, self-harm, and ineffective prescription meds.


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