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4 Keys to Boost Your Value and Unlock Your Full Potential

4 Keys to Boost Your Value and Unlock Your Full Potential

How valuable are you?  When we look at the word value, we tend to think of the cost.  How much something cost tends to determine its value; therefore, unconsciously you may automatically choose what is costly rather than something that doesn’t cost as much; especially when you have already determined that value equals cost.   For example, it can be a pair of jeans in Walmart that cost $10, and a similar type of jeans can be in Target for $20.  You will choose Target because of the reputation of the brand.  I would say that Target is like the luxury brand of Walmart, and luxury is considered better quality and often associated with prestige.  Wearing a luxury brand can boost your confidence and cause you to walk into a room differently.  In your eyes, you have boosted your value because you are wearing something costly; you paid a price to look fabulous.   When we pay a higher cost for something, we expect to receive better quality of a service or product and receive more information and benefits.  And in a lot of instances, this is true; however, there are occasions when this is not the case at all.  However, most times, when a brand or service is costly – they have invested in themselves; in other words, they have paid the price to be costly.   They have added value to themselves; therefore, they can stand on their reputation of adding value to others.  As a leader in your chosen career, business, or profession – how are you adding value to your brand?  Does your character complement the brand you are wearing, or is that luxury brand only a temporary confidence booster?   Yes, I know that – that Burberry, Ralph Lauren outfit, and that Louis Vuitton, Coach, or Michael Kors purse, or whatever your favorite brand is having you feeling valuable, luxurious, and amazing…rightfully so, but the true value is measured so much more than what you possess externally.  When your clients, customers, or even your family members encounter you are they getting a knock-off or counterfeit brand, or does the luxurious brand you are wearing measure up to your character?   Proverbs 3:15, New International Version states “She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.”  Do you want to stand out as an authentic and costly brand that is worth far more than rubies?  

  • Invest in your character development.  

First, do a self-check by admitting the areas where you need help.  For example, do you know you struggle with having a bad – toxic attitude; you are the one that is always negative or complaining at work?  You are the one that people don’t want to be a part of their team because of the constant bickering, or maybe you’re the know-it-all; you’re always right and everyone else is wrong?   After you do a self-check, ask some relatives, close friends, and co-workers what areas you can improve on.  If they are reluctant to answer you, let them know that you are working on your personal growth and development, and then offer an area that you are working on.  This will open the door for them to feel more comfortable sharing with you.  Once you determine the areas of character development, invest in godly counsel to assist you with overcoming these areas.  Do you have a local church?  Is there a trusted friend or relative that can point you in the right direction?  Are there Christian counseling centers in your area or online?   Invest in your inner transformation so that you can shine outwardly with or without the luxurious brand.

  • Build healthy habits.  

Think about what a healthy lifestyle looks like for you.  What are some daily healthy habits that fit well into your everyday lifestyle?  There are so many diets out there, and depending on who you go to for advice, they will suggest that you eat small meals every two hours, do intermediate fasting, eliminate meat, drink only smoothies, and the list goes on and on.   I have done it all, but I have learned to pay attention to my own body, what fits into my own lifestyle, and how I get results.  It’s not to say that these healthy plans aren’t beneficial, but which one works best for “you.”  Which plan is yielding you results and fits comfortably into your lifestyle?  Are you drinking enough water?  Are you incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet?  You may not like vegetables, but is there an alternative way, e.g., through juicing, smoothies, gummies, or vitamins?   Again, find what works best for you.  Build an exercise routine (something is better than nothing).  Lastly, develop regular self-care that incorporates some quiet time to unwind, think and reflect.  Healthy habits guarantee that we show up in excellence for our clients and those that we serve.

  • Count the Cost.  

Before beginning a business endeavor, or working towards any goal(s), you must first count the cost. What are the resources needed to complete the goal, how much time and money is needed, and what do I need to sacrifice? Counting the cost is also realizing that challenges will come along the way.  Are you willing to keep building despite challenges?  Are you willing to build regardless of who likes you, who doesn’t like you, or who supports you or not?   These are all questions to consider when developing into a woman of worth; a woman that is more valuable than rubies.  It is very unwise to jump into a goal without first planning and preparing.  A person that continuously starts and stops goals is a person that did not count the cost; it is a person that did not write the vision and prepare for the vision.  Every goal is first developed by putting a plan together before execution.  

  • Do not cast your pearls to swine.  

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs.  If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces” (New International Version, Matthew 7:6).  Understanding your value, means understanding that everyone is not ready, or at the level to receive what you have to offer. Apart from knowing your worth is knowing “who” you are called to; it’s knowing “your” audience.   Those willing to honor and respect your worth are willing to pay the cost to receive value in return.  Whenever I pay for costly services, I have a higher expectation of a customer experience; I expect to receive quality products and/or services, and I expect results or an impartation to go to the next level.   Giving to those that do not honor your worth, is depleting and lessening your value.  Learn to know your worth so that you don’t give your pearls to swine.  Swine are only meant to devalue what you give while treating it like trash.  Remember, we can only charge what we can deliver.

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Name: Lakeea Kelly

Title: Certified Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Minister

Bio: Certified Life Coach and mentor, Lakeea Kelly works with authentic women to cultivate courage, confidence, and capability. She joins hands with bold, brave, and ambitious women who need guidance on how to use their gifts and talents to achieve the next level of success and leave a legacy they’re proud of. She walks beside shy, scared, or struggling women to work on self-esteem and emotional fortitude. She embraces women who have seen rejection, pain, and torment to overcome their past and step into their full potential as leaders.

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Media platform spotlighting and celebrating entrepreneurial women and their achievements. Creating a platform where every woman can be seen and heard. We are disrupting the media industry by democratising media channels for women. If you have a business or an idea and you would like to rise and thrive, you are in the right place.
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