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About The Women Thrive Magazine

Women Thrive is a global media platform where every woman has a voice. Where every woman’s story is celebrated. We recognise the impact and contribution that women make to the society and economy globally, with their businesses, ideas, voices, charity work, innovation and other initiatives. Many of these stories are usually not highlighted by the mainstream media – that is why we created the Women Thrive media – so every woman’s story can be celebrated and inspire others to positively impact the world around them. 

Our mission is to spotlight women stories and highlight diverse voices in business, entrepreneurship and media. 

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Order your copy of the Women Thrive Magazine Today! A monthly digital and print publication focused on women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, business, personal growth, mindset, spirituality and success. We cover the most diverse stories of women globally and reach every continent of the world. Today you can become part of our magazine and community – be inspired, grow and make an impact globally. 

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4 Insights into Owning Your Career

4 Insights Into Owning Your Genius

As young, newly qualified corporate women, we all have our idea of what success looks like. How we want to break into the business arena.

The Unfiltered Truth About Self-Care

The Unfiltered Truth About Self-Care

In an age of Instagram filters and curated social media feeds, the concept of self-care has often been glamorised and distilled into picture-perfect moments of

Monthly Themes

Looking to submit an article? Here are our monthly themes.

Women advocating for ourselves, global impact of women, using your voice, finding your voice

Your why / what does visibility look like to you, confidence, overcoming limiting beliefs, fears, imposter syndrome, fashion- how to show up as your authentic self Publicity & Authority Building, how to pitch to the press, how to reach a journalist, media coverage for your business, podcasting, emails & newsletters

 Hiring a team, automating your business, human design / personality tests, scaling & growth, sustainable business

Overcoming disease while working, overcoming hardship, stories of overcoming obstacles, empowerment & uplifting stories in the workplace

Parenting & motherhood, empty nesting, parenting journey, mompreneurship, running a business while being a mom

Spirituality in business, intention setting, mediataion / manifestation, crystals for beginners, yoga

Maintaining nutrition while working, creating a healthy lifestyle for family, what nutrition can do for a business mind, overcoming eating disorders, maintaining a healthy relationship with food

Business changes, doing what you are doing with who you are now, personal growth, personal development

 How to show gratitude in your business, customer appreciation, being on a journey, what gratitude means in a business setting

Reflecting back on what you learned throughout the year, learning from mistakes, learning from hardships, preparing for something new

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