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Raimonda Jankunaite - Founder of Women Thrive Media

About The Women Thrive Magazine

Women Thrive is a global media platform where every woman has a voice. Where every woman’s story is celebrated. We recognise the impact and contribution that women make to the society and economy globally, with their businesses, ideas, voices, charity work, innovation and other initiatives. Many of these stories are usually not highlighted by the mainstream media – that is why we created the Women Thrive media – so every woman’s story can be celebrated and inspire others to positively impact the world around them. 

Our mission is to spotlight women stories and highlight diverse voices in business, entrepreneurship and media. 

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Women Thrive Print Magazine Subscription

Order your copy of the Women Thrive Magazine Today! A monthly digital and print publication focused on women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, business, personal growth, mindset, spirituality and success. We cover the most diverse stories of women globally and reach every continent of the world. Today you can become part of our magazine and community – be inspired, grow and make an impact globally. 

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When you subscribe to Women Thrive print subscription you are entered into a prize draw to win ‘The Presenter’ program with Lisa Johnson and Andrea McLean worth £997. Offer ends July 21st 2023. In order to enter the prize draw you must opt in for the current issue of the magazine and subscribe. Total minimum spend £19.97*

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Read the Women Thrive Magazine, be inspired by other founder's stories, gain new knowledge and contribute your own.
Listen to inspiring women stories via our podcast interviews of women thriving from all walks of life from around the world.
Be part of a globally diverse, supportive, collaborative community of women who are thriving and creating impact in this world.


How to Declutter Your Mind

How to Declutter Your Mind

Mental clutter is exhausting. “Clutter is an overabundance of possessions that collectively create chaotic and disorderly living spaces,” said Joseph Ferrari, a professor of psychology

Monthly Themes

Write a business plan, celebrate holidays without a team, celebrate goals, vision board, word of the year, fashion & beauty, etc.

Write a customer journey, handling customer complaints, appreciation for customers, getting to know them.

Write about Friendships, Sex & Relationships, Divorce & Marriage, Boundaries when going into business with someone.

Women advocating for ourselves, global impact of women, using your voice, finding your voice

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Join our official Women Thrive Magazine launch event, connect with other inspiring women and find out how you too can get featured on our platform.

This event is not to be missed for aspiring contributors, speakers, coaches, authors, business owners and entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey right now, if you enjoy connecting with other inspiring people, hearing stories, doing personal development, or learning something new, then this event is for you.

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